The Pros and Cons of Age Differences

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Marrying an older man is not a problem with many Russian women. However, it is not their specific desire to marry an older man as it is sometimes asserted. The fact is that the greater the difference in your age, the greater the difficulty will be in your marriage as a general rule.

There are a lot of reasons for that. Contrary to my expectations, I found that some of the Russian women I met were less mature than their American counterparts of the same age. One reason is that most single people live at home, where mom and dad are still making a lot of decisions for them.

If you are forty something and you marry a twenty something whose interests are that of an American teenager (discos, shopping for clothes, et cetera), how happy are the two of you going to be in your relationship?

Are you up to the libido demands of a young woman? Do you have the energy and stamina to take her dancing after a day of work, while she sits at home waiting for you to come home so she can have some fun?

Generally speaking, the older the woman, the better your chances are of having a lasting marriage. Yeah, the twenty year old’s on the website look pretty and have cute figures.

But to her, your offer of marriage and a new life may be just an adventure. After she gets her green card and grows bored with the day-to-day living of married life, she may leave you for someone who she thinks is more fun.

Author: John Kunkle has been married to a Russian women for over five years. He has travelled the path from finding her, to traveling to Russia, to bring his wife to America, and adjusting to married life. He will show you step by step how to do this yourself.

Dating Online

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Approaching A Woman Online

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Approaching a woman online, and getting it right is the most important thing to do after getting your profile ready. You need to get this part of your online dating spot on to make everything else you have done so far worthwhile.

You're not going to get that first e-mail right first time so you're own trial and error will be part of finding out what approach works best for you.

When you have found a single that you would like to contact make sure you read her profile through thoroughly. This is very important as your e-mail will be based around the information she has put in it. A woman won't put every detail in her profile to then respond to a message saying "I think you're hot would you like a chat." This might be the way men want to get approached but women are different.

You need to write an e-mail, and mention things that caught your eye in her profile. You have to make your e-mail stand out from all the others the single woman has had that day. You may even have sent the only e-mail, the rest just might be some flirts that other single men send to about 30 other women. This will make your message the first one she looks at.

Mentioning some things from her profile will show her that you have read it. Most men will just send a flirt to someone because they like the photograph. Women need more than this to send you a reply back. You need to make it personal this will at least get your message read. After this she will check your profile, and if she likes the look of that you will get your reply.

If you're going to add humor to your message make sure you aim it at yourself. You have to keep it in the flow of the e-mail though. Don't just start writing a joke just to look funny as this will just make her cringe. If humor isn't good coming from you you're better off leaving it out of your e-mail.

When approaching a woman online effectively you have to keep your e-mails fairly short. You don't need to start telling them about you. You will have plenty of time for this once you have had a reply. Just use your first e-mail to find out about them, and make the recipient feel your interest in her. This will make her feel better if your the only single man to show some real interest in your e-mail.

Never start pestering anyone. If they don't respond to your e-mail then move onto someone else. Your e-mails are not going to get replied to every time. Once the single women has read them they will then look at your profile. They have to be attracted to you for you to get a reply. If they're not attracted to you just get over it and move on.

If you stick to approaching women this way you will get a much higher reply rate than 95% of online dating service users.

Author: Jason King is the webmaster for The online dating reviews.

Approaching A Woman Online

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Pick Up Artist

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Let me give you an example,

You found this women in street. You want to dating this lucky women or you want to date this women or you want to know this women. But, did you know how to approach this women?

Now, your problem is solve with this pick up artist site.
This site can be found at This is the Better Than A Pick Up Artist site. Here, you will learn on how to that approach women and get that lovely dates with this women.

But how? How to meet women? Easy man. I found this tip on their site. Below is listed tip on how to get this women:

1) It takes some time to learn about conversation with this women.

2) Understand that women want to meet guys too. If this is hard to understand, you can find this tip on my blog.

3) Decided what you really want from that women. Dates, Laid or anything else?

4) Anticipate where you might find your ideal type of women. In local bookstore or shopping centre in the end of the weekend.

5) Develop all of your ability to attract women and then move things forward.

That's it. If you fulfill all that above tip, you will get that women for what you want.

But, how about when you are Mr Nice Guy? Is mr nice guy always get women? No, I don't think so man.

Why? Why Mr Nice Guy fail with women? Below is list why,

1) You must understand what women really mean by 'nice guy'. When a woman says, "I just want a nice guy" she isn't referring to a nice guy who:

* Is nervous around her
* Is always nice to her, like he would be to his grandmother
* Calls her too often
* Tells her that he has 'feelings' for her too early
* Behaves submissively or weakly around her
* Always accepts her demands, just so she will spend time with him or continue talking to him
* Becomes her doormat and puts his own needs aside
* Listens to all of her problems and discusses them in the way her girlfriends would
* Gives away his power to her, and allows her to become the boss
* Always asks what she wants to do, instead of being a man for her and taking the lead.

2) Mr Nice Guy must realize that nice guys are not pick #1 with women. What would happen if you asked guys all over the world to STOP feeling a sexual attraction for slim, model-type women and start feeling it around obese women?

3) Become a good guy with EDGE. I really mean about this one. A good guy with edge is a nice guy, who also demonstrates the personality traits and behaviors that women are attracted to. Things like:

* Flirting.
* Confidence.
* Alpha male qualities.
* Humor.
* And more...

This site is also offer free audio. You can find this audio at

Pick Up Artist

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Different Elements in a Chinese Wedding Invitation

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Nowadays there are different styles of wedding invitations. Indeed wedding invitation is one of the “must items” for a wedding. It is used to announce the wedding and spread the joy and happiness of the couple. A well designed wedding invitation can give an unexpected impression to the guests. It is in fact marking the beginning of a wedding ceremony.

Depending on different cultures, different elements can be seen on a wedding invitation. For example, traditionally in China, wedding invitations are usually red in color, with the famous Chinese character “double happiness” printed on it while a traditional wedding invitation in Europe or USA is usually white in color. Of course an Indian wedding invitation will have Lord Ganesh printed, which means a blessing from God, it may not be applicable to most of us though.

In this post, it is attempted to explain different elements forming a Chinese wedding invitation, which can inspire couples who are planning their Big Day.

Common elements on Chinese wedding invitation

As discussed, one of the major elements of a Chinese wedding invitation is the red color. “Double Happiness” is also very common on such invitations. Apart from these famous elements, sometimes a pair of dragon and phoenix can be found on a Chinese wedding invitation. Another element, which may be surprising to some of the readers, is a pair of chickens.

Red Color

As most of us may know, a Chinese wedding invitation is usually red in color. However, not many people know the reason why it is in such color. In fact, red color is not only for wedding, it is also the main theme of Chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year.

Concerning wedding invitations, Chinese wedding invitations are of different colors a few thousand years ago. Chinese used black color wedding invitations a few thousand years ago. It is believed that there were five emperors, Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black Emperors in Chinese History. They are indeed the ancestors of Chinese people. The black color of the wedding invitation may probably be coming from the notion of the five emperors.

The red color came to Chinese wedding invitation, and other festivals in the Han Dynasty. The first emperor of the Han Dynasty declared himself as the son of Red Emperor. Starting from this legend, the red color became the main theme of different celebrations and festivals. This theme also became the main color of wedding invitations.

One may doubt that why gold and yellow were not adopted as main color of wedding invitations, as it can be always seen in traditional Chinese palaces. In fact gold and yellow are also meant to be something lucky and joyful. It is also interpreted as a symbol of the royal family, or the emperor. The only one who could use these colors is the emperor. This forms the reason why gold and yellow colors are not the primary colors of a wedding invitation. However, culture is changing from time to time. More people start adopting gold and yellow color the Chinese wedding invitation designs.

Double Happiness

In Chinese culture, wedding is always related to the notion of double happiness. This “double happiness” is an interesting Chinese character. It looks like two people standing side by side. In fact we can interpret it as a couple standing together. From here we may get a clue of the reason for printing the character “double happiness” on the wedding invitation.

This character bears the meaning of getting together. It declares that a man and a woman, and two families will be united as one. The character “double happiness” is usually printed on the red invitations with golden hot stamping.

Dragon and Phoenix

Dragon has long been the symbol of China and Chinese people. When Dragon and Phoenix come as a pair, dragon represents male and phoenix represents female. Dragon and Phoenix can be interpreted as a perfect couple. Similar to “double happiness”, this pair are one of the elements which is usually seen in wedding invitation design, with golden hot stamping.

A pair of chickens

In Chinese, chicken is pronounced as “Ji”, the pronunciation is similar to another Chinese character meaning good luck. A pair of chicken becomes a blessing to the couple. It blesses them good luck for the rest of the life after marriage. This pair of chickens are usually full color printed on the invitation. It looks a traditional paper cutting. This delivers a quality of Chinese style which a hot stamping logo cannot be replaced with.

Author: Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer based in Hong Kong. Leung has a great interest in Chinese Style Wedding Invitations. His works can be found from, some other vendors of wedding services can be found from and

Chinese Wedding Invitation

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Online Dating For Busy Singles

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Online dating is becoming very popular now.

An estimated 1 in 5 Americans are signed up to an online dating service meaning that, theoretically, if you're after a new date or just making new friends, you can have the pick of the bunch! Many busy Americans now increasingly rely on online dating service providers to find their matches.

No wonder, Internet has brought people of the world so closer and new concept of "speed dating" is evolved through internet dating to find a mate or simply a casual date.

Jessica Moore, in her mid-20s from New York City is one of the millions who are daily looking for date online. With her ravishing personality, it was not difficult for her to get "Mr. Right" for her. But she says online dating service provides her choice to select her "type" of person she could think of hanging out.

"Online dating sites help me to find someone from my location, the one who is doing his own business, having yearly income of not less than $150,000, who is a practicing Catholic Christian visiting church at least on every Sunday, someone who is a non-smoker and occasional drinker, and of course, who is serious in long term relationship", Jessica told.

According to industry expert, nearly 23 million people in the U.S. search online to find a date. One of the market leader companies, nearly 60,000 people, such as Jessica sign online daily. Other dating firms claim 10-15,000 people register their profiles at their sites.

As Jessica was going through her closet to find her favorite red long skirt, which she bought on her recent birthday, she told how she was feeling excited to meet with whom she has been dating online for couple of weeks. "When I came to New York city, I didn't know much about the city, its people. All I know about the city was that I saw it in movies, television or read," she said. "So, I just wanted to mingle with people, make new friends. Then I thought why shouldn't I give a chance to online dating. Maybe I can find someone who will of my interest," she smiled.

Jessica's colleagues, however, were skeptical of her dating online, since she told them she preferred traditional dating rather than internet dating.

"One fine evening, you see someone at cafe' or bar, you smile and you get positive response. Then you do some trick to get ball rolling. This all happens in traditional training; however, online dating is a different ball game." She acclaimed. "The advantage of online dating is that you know other person is equally interested in you. You do not need to try as hard as in traditional dating," she advised.

Though internet dating is not a new concept, it all started since the internet came into existence. In the beginning, people thought online dating as too hasty approach or too shallow. However, recent boom in online dating has proved them wrong. This could only be possible due to change in people's attitude towards online dating and their acceptance for online dating as a new mean of meeting people.

Author: Jodie Brittain is the CEO of Slinky Online Dating Australia, a unique Australian online dating service, offering singles access to people searching for friendship, relationships, romance and love. Slinky is Free to join, and welcomes single Australians everywhere to try out our service and meet someone special today.For more information :

Online Dating For Busy Singles

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Body Language Secrets You Need to Know

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Some body language experts claim that only about 7% of our messages to other people are communicated through the words we speak. The rest of our messages are conveyed through our body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

During your entire life you have been sending messages to others through your posture, gestures, and facial expressions.

Even if you never say a word, your face and body are constantly sending out messages to other people about your state of mind, your happiness, and your level of confidence.

When you were an infant, before you learned to speak, people were peering into your little baby face, looking at your gestures, and listening to your little cries and gurgles, trying to decipher what kind of mood you were in, and what you were trying to say.

And you have been reacting to the body language, voice tone, and facial expressions of the people around you all your life, even though you may not have been consciously aware of it.

What sorts of messages are you conveying to others with your body language? Does your body language encourage other people to approach you? Or do you subconsciously warn them to stay away?

How do you usually stand or sit when you are with other people? What are you doing with your hands? Where are you looking with your eyes?

Does your face express interest in the people you are with, or does your face stay a tense, stony mask?

When you are sitting or standing, do you usually cross your arms across your chest? If this is your typical way of standing or sitting, how do you think other people interpret this posture? Did you realize that most people will subconsciously interpret your arms crossed in front of your chest as a signal that you don’t want anyone to approach you? Only the bravest souls are likely to come forward when you adopt this posture.

If you stand awkwardly, with your chest slumped forward, your shoulders drooping, and your eyes avoiding everyone else, people are likely to decide you are very depressed or completely lacking in confidence. They may fear that trying to talk with you will be an awkward experience.

When you stand awkwardly, you do not project any sign that you are confident in yourself, or that you have any interest in the people around you. Instead you look like you are trying to disappear.

No matter how desperately you want someone to come over and befriend you, if your body language projects awkwardness or disinterest in others, it’s not very likely that many people will try to start a conversation with you.

If some body language signals can frighten people away, are there signals that will encourage people to come forward and approach you? Yes, you can look much more approachable to others if you adopt body language that is open and non-threatening.

Whether you are sitting or standing, aim for a posture that is upright and alert, yet relaxed. If you notice that your chest or shoulders are slumping, straighten up.

Become aware of the way you are breathing. Does your breath move in and out smoothly? Or does it move with jerky little stops and starts?

If you notice that you are holding your breath, or breathing in a shallow, jerky manner, this is a sign of anxiety. When you breathe shallowly, you have to breathe more often, which can increase your appearance of nervousness. Consciously tell all the muscles of your body to relax. Use your abdomen to help you breathe smoothly and deeply. Let the bottom part of your lungs fill up with air as well as the top.

What are you doing with your hands? If you get nervous in social situations, you may feel that no matter what you do with your hands, it’s the wrong thing. Many people who cross their arms in front of their chest are probably doing so at least in part because they don’t know where else to put their hands.

You should never cross your arms in front of your chest unless you really don’t want anybody to approach you. That is the message this gesture sends out.

If you want to look open and approachable, keep your arms at your sides, or put one hand in your pocket. If you want to hold something in one hand, keep your hand at the side of your body, and not in front of you. Holding your arm in front of your body can be seen as a signal that you want to defend yourself against other people.

Stay aware of and focused on your surroundings and the people around you. If you find yourself tuning out your surroundings, you will start to focus too much on your negative inner sensations and thoughts. This can quickly increase your anxiety to a very uncomfortable level.

What sort of facial expression should you have if you want people to approach you?

In most cases, a gentle, pleasant smile should do the trick. Too much of a smile that never softens can look forced and nervous. A pleasant smile with a twinkle in your eyes will convey the impression that chatting with you will be a pleasant experience.

Author: This article is taken from the new book by Royane Real titled "How You Can Have All the Friends You Want - Your Complete Guide to Finding Friends, Making Friends, and Keeping Friends" If you want a better social life and more friends in your life, download it today at

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Reading Women: Body Language Briefing

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Body language is the meaning behind the words or the “unspoken” language. Surprisingly, studies show that only up to an estimated 10 percent of our communication is verbal.

The majority of the rest of communication is unspoken. This unspoken language isn’t rocket science. However, there are some generalizations or basic interpretations that can be applied to help with the understanding or translating of these unspoken meanings. Here are some basics below.

1. Smile

Women like warm smiles. Think of a heartfelt warm-fussy, maybe your favorite pet, and smile.

2. Eyes

If you don’t look a woman in the eyes while speaking, this can be interpreted as dishonesty or hiding something. Likewise, shifting eye movement or rapid changing of focus/direction can translate similarly.

If more than one woman is present in a group, look each in the eye as you speak, slowly turning to face the next with eye contact as well. Continue on so that each one has felt your warm, trusting glance. Some suggest beginning with one person and moving clockwise around the group so that no one is missed, and so that you are not darting around, seemingly glaring at people.

3. Attention Span / Attitude

Women can tell what type attitude you have by your attention span. If you quickly lose focus of what is being said, and if your attention span wanders, this shows through and makes you seem disinterested, bored, possibly even uncaring.

4. Attention Direction

If you sit or stand so that you are blocking another in the party, say someone is behind you, this can be interpreted as rude or thoughtless. So be sure to turn so that everyone is included in the conversation or angle of view, or turn gently, at ease and slowly, while talking, so that everyone is incorporated, recognized and involved in the conversation. Again some suggest the clockwise movement when working a group.

5. Arms Folded / Legs Crossed

This can be seen as defensive or an end to the conversation. So have arms hang freely or hold a glass of water, a business card or note taking instruments while communicating with women. Be open with open arms. Note: If you need to cross legs, cross at your ankles and not your knees. Sitting tightly folded up says that you are closed to communications.

6. Head Shaking

If women are shaking their heads while you speak, they are in agreement. If they are shaking, “no,” disagreement reigns in their minds.

7. Space / Distance

On the whole, women like their own personal body space. Give women room and keep out of their space. Entering to close can be intrusive and viewed as aggressive. Leaning – Sitting or standing, leaning is viewed as interest. In other words, an interested listener leans toward the speaker. Note women's body language – While you are with women, note how their bodies read. If a woman suddenly folds her arms across her chest and begins shaking her head “no,” you’ve probably lost her. You might try taking a step back and picking up where the conversation began this turn for the negative and regroup. It’s all about strategic planning!

Author: Aaron Jones. Free Dating Tips for Men. Visit

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The Most Important Flirting Sign to Look Out For If You Want To Get More Dates

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Before I tell you what it is (I'm such a tease!) there's one very important thing you must know...

More important than knowing the flirting sign?!

Turning the knowledge of what the flirting sign is into something you can use, easily, naturally and on an ongoing basis. That's what's more important than actually knowing what the flirting sign is.

Some of what we learn only needs to enter our heads to be useful to us. They're simply pieces of information. Something that we can recall and put to use in a future scenario.

However flirting is a skill. And skills need more than just the knowledge in our head. So not only am I going to tell you what the flirting sign is, I'm going to give you a practical exercise to actually turn this knowledge into something that you will use to benefit you.

So once you've read what the number 1 sign is, keep reading. Because more important than knowing what the sign is, is being able to use it. And you'll only do that properly if you follow the exercise.

So, enough of the delays, the number 1 flirting sign is...

The hair flip!

Yup, that's it. Numero Uno. The most often used flirting sign in the scientific study.

By the way, the scientific study that this was taken from identified 52 different flirting signs! Yes, 52. And analysed the importance of each of them. It prioritised 9 of those flirting signs as key to predicting, with 90% success, whether someone would be approached. And now you know the top one of those flirting signs.

Turning this knowledge into something you'll use

As I said before though, the most important thing is not the intellectual knowing of it, but actually training yourself to recognise flirting signs easily and naturally i.e. having the skill.

The ‘natural flirts’ amongst us just know when someone is flirting with them. How? Because they subconsciously recognise some of the most important flirting signs and that gives them `a good feeling' (literally) that they're going to be successful if they approach this person. Or they subconsciously know how to use their body language to give off those most important flirting signals. When they see someone they fancy, they do this naturally, making them much more likely to be approached.

Don't ask me how they learnt it! I'm jealous too. They just did. In fact they all went through the same process I'm about to share with you. They just didn't do it quite as consciously as you are going to.

If you're not a natural flirt, and I suspect you're not, otherwise you'd be getting the results you want from your dating encounters, then you must make flirting a natural skill for you.

How do you do this? Well, the process of learning any skill goes through easily followed stages.

1. You become aware of the knowledge you're missing

2. You practice the use of that knowledge, repetitively, until it becomes so natural you can forget about it.

3. Your subconscious uses its new skill naturally on an ongoing basis.

Your Exercise

So your task is as follows:

1. Next time you're out looking for potential dates, look around the room you're in and notice people (primarily women) who use the hair flip. Not with you. You're looking for them using it generally with other people. The easiest location to see this in is with a couple who are obviously trying to chat each other up, perhaps they've just introduced themselves. She'll still most likely be using the hair flip, or playing with, or preening her hair in some way on a regular basis. This is the most used flirting sign. Keep consciously looking out for it. By the way, it may be easiest to do this when you're on your own. Otherwise your friend(s) will wonder why you're so inattentive today!

2. Every time you go out for the next few weeks, practice searching for the hair flip or hair preening. You don't need to limit this to times when you're out looking for a date. You can practice this anytime you're in public, because people are flirting all the time. 99% of the time they're not conscious of it, but watch a women noticing a man she fancies and she'll find it difficult not to subconsciously flip or touch her hair in some manner!

3. How long do you practice this for? You'll know when you've practiced this enough because at some point in the future, when you're out and about and not thinking about practicing it, you'll suddenly become aware of someone who's playing with their hair. Perhaps even whilst looking at you! When you've had this spontaneous and sudden awareness a few times, then you know it's ‘programmed’ into your subconscious mind to spot this most important flirting sign - and you can move on to learning the next ones.

4. Oh. You'll then have this skill built in for life. Yes, you can choose to notice it consciously whenever you want to, but because of that few days or few weeks of practice, you now have the ability to notice this bit of flirting subconsciously. Congratulations.

How do you get more dates with this?

The hair flip is just one of the 9 signs identified in the scientific study. Learn the other 8 as a skill and you'll be the flirt that you've always dreamt of being. And you will get a much greater number of dates.

There are other keys to flirting than just knowing the 9 top signs. Particularly the way you use or observe these flirting signs is more important. And there are definitely other skills to master if you want to begin to enjoy approaching people and getting dates with them.

Do you want to get more dates? Do you want to make the fear of approaching and talking to potential partners a thing of the past? Then find out How To Approach Anyone & Enjoy It. Visit

Author: Michael Myerscough is a relationship and dating coach, with 16 years experience in helping singles to find the right partner for them. Copyright 2005 The Relationship Gym. All Rights Reserved. May be freely copied and distributed as long as you include the following information: "By Michael Myerscough, professional speaker and relationship success coach. Michael has lots of great tips, tools and articles on his website that you can use. Visit him now at and get access to 22 ways to Find Your Life Long Partner or Improve Your Current Relationship”

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The Modern Man Dating Site

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What is Dating and how can you start dating as soon as possible? Dating is actually a new concept. If you look back to earlier eras of human civilization, most men and women settled for one of the first (if not the only person) they had sex with. These days, it's morally 'okay' for women to get in and out of dating relationships right into their 30s. Same goes for men. In fact, a lot of married people that I know encourage my dating lifestyle saying,

"Ahh, you should enjoy dating now…you're still young...there's no need to get married yet."

In the past, an unmarried guy at 30+ years old was considered unlucky or weird. However, thanks to the new concept of dating – men and women are free to date & fall in love with plenty of people - before eventually deciding on one.

Whether you are looking into dating because you want to get married, or because you want to date lots of women.

If you are looking for best dating site, you can found it here at The Modern Man, Dating Site. They provide on free articles to meeting, attracting, and dating women. If you are looking for free audio dating advice, you guys can found it here, to achieve success immediately with women. Also, at that Dating Site, you can find free dating videos, that guys meeting women on real-life. Just practice with that videos. You can watch, listen, and learn how to be perfect dater. This Dating Site also had dating research and if you are interested in listening to radio interview Dan Bacon - CEO of The Modern Man, they had it all. If you are too lazy to find latest dating tip, just sign-up to their newsletter. They will email straight to you the latest dating tip.

And, I know you are looking for best Dating Website. Then, I suggest you to enter this Dating Web Site. I will guarantee you will find more women to dating offline or dating online. We'll want to date a lots of women, and find the right girl for life, then try this dating web site. I guarantee you will end a dating dry spell as soon as possible. This Dating Web Site feature is, you can learn immediately by reading their expert dating articles. Also you can download their advanced learning dating materials. Don't forget to sign-up for expert tip articles to improve yourself from time to time.

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Russian Brides Dating

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Russian brides dating is a great community of Russian singles who want to find great dates and great Russian girls. Why Russian girls? Have you been meet Russian girls yet? Of course, because Russian woman likes to look pretty. They likes to dress well when she walks in the city street to her destination.

Russian girls often wears a dress and pumps, or a suit with a blouse and jewelry. They also concerned about their weight, hair, how their presents herself to crowds.

This site also give members to private search others pretty Russian girls, love tours, e-mail forwarding for more connection with that pretty Russian girls.

Also, all profiles contain in members area is direct contact information to that Russian girls and it is free for register.

Russian bride can be meet in 3 easy steps:

1) Register as trial member

2) Upgrade your membership

3) Plan your meeting with pretty Russian girls.

They also open 24-hours for help desk. If you find more Russian agency to choose and don't know which one is scam agency, try check this Russian Dating Scams or Search Dating Scammers. It will give you contains of non-reliable Russian and Ukraine agencies, anti-scam manuals, scam reports, and many other useful anti-scam related information. Just put the url in their box, they will automatically search for scam agency.

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Flirting and Body Language When Dating

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If you’re on a first date and you’re trying to figure out what Mr. or Ms. Potentially Right thinks about you, look downward.

Not there, silly.

“The key to a man’s heart isn’t his stomach. It’s his feet,” says Lisa Daily, author of “Stop Getting Dumped!” (Subtitle: “All You Need to Know to Make Men Fall Madly in Love With You and Marry ‘The One’ in 3 Years or Less.”)

As it turns out, the foot rule also applies to women.

“Watch the feet of the person you’re attracted to,” she tips “People who are attracted to each other subconsciously try to ‘line up’ with the other person. Where the toes point, the heart follows.”

When you take the Sherlock Holmes approach to reading your date, trying to sleuth out whether he/she thinks you’re hot (or not), body language is the smoking gun, my dear Watson.

“Even if we’ve got our game faces on, the body doesn’t lie,” Daily says.

In fact, studies reveal that only 7% of our communication is verbal, according to Mari Smith, a relationship coach based in San Diego, California. The other 93% is nonverbal.

Tips & Clues

Men send out the following tips when they’re interested in you, according to Daily and Smith:

* Smiling.
* Extended eye contact.
* Grooming behaviors (straightening their ties, pulling up their socks).
* Upright stance or posture.
* Standing with their chests thrust outward and shoulders back (think of a giant preening peacock).
* Ego-driven comments about their successes in life (jobs, cash, their cars).

“He may have one hand in his pocket, with his thumb sticking out, or tuck his thumbs in his belt,” Smith adds.

As for the so-called “fairer” sex, look for the following nonverbal cues from a woman:

* Extended eye contact and smiling (just like men).
* Leaning inward or toward you.
* Exposing her neck, hands or palms.
* Flipping her hair (with her hands or a twist of the head) or twirling it playfully.
* Crossing and uncrossing her legs.
* Fondling cylindrical objects like the stem of a wine glass, straw, pen or cigarette. (Paging Dr. Freud…)

“Houston, We Have a Problem”

“For both sexes, there are also signs that things are not going well,” says Daily, who notes that distasteful dates, traumatic breakups and consequent crisis periods often call for “a few Nora Ephron movies and two tubes of frozen cookie dough eaten right out of the package.”

Look for speech patterns that are wildly out of sync. “He’s a slow talker, while she’s a thousand-words-a-minute,” she says.

Defensive body language—arms crossed in front of the chest or hands subconsciously protecting the groin area.

Someone who keeps looking over your shoulder while you speak.

“When someone is not interested in you, they will typically point their body and feet away from you and position themselves at a greater distance,” Smith adds.

Saying Goodnight…or Saying Goodbye?

As your date winds down, other cues foreshadow your relationship’s future.

“If you give your date a hug on the doorstep and he or she pats you on the back, it’s a sign of discomfort,” Daily says. “The more uncomfortable your date feels, the bigger the pat. The other obvious, not-so-great sign is going in for the doorstep kiss—and getting a handshake instead.” (Ouch!)

Positive signals are much easier to read: a concrete invitation for a second date, with firm plans—not just “let’s do this again” or “I’ll call you sometime,” Daily says.

The Flirt Factor

Flirting with your date—and being on the receiving end—meets Sherlock’s criteria for irrefutable evidence that your lovely evening may evolve into a bona fide relationship.

Daily takes it one step further, asserting that flirting is “absolutely necessary.”

“Flirting is how we communicate our interest—and how we connect emotionally before we connect physically,” she says. “Generally, flirting is harmless, but it can sometimes be interpreted incorrectly by the ‘flirtee.’ The key is to pay attention to the tone of the flirtation and wait to see how the flirter responds if you try to take it up a notch. If she backs down, she was probably just flirting for fun. If she escalates the flirting in turn, she’s communicating interest.”

“Use attitude, voice and body synchronization to make others feel like they have a special rapport with you,” advises Nicholas Boothman, a communication specialist and author of “ How to Make Someone Love You Forever in 90 Minutes or Less.” He encourages those he counsels to learn to “access—and rev up—your sex appeal, without going over the top.”


Create chemistry by mirroring your partner’s physical presence and verbal behavior.

“When you synchronize your overall body language, your tone, the speed and volume of your voice, and even the type of words you use—as well as your attitude—people feel safe, familiar and trusting with you,” he tells

Smith believes women have the edge—and a lot more fun—when it comes to flirting. (Sorry, guys…)

“Playful, lighthearted behavior is really the domain of women,” she says, “and typically men love it and gravitate toward the woman who looks the most fun. It certainly pays to familiarize yourself with all of the signs of attraction so you know how and when to communicate interest—and make sure you’re sending the right message!”

Author: Joe Markus. Adam and Drew's Dating Tips has a large variety of free articles that have been written by consulting 'experts' in the dating, flirting and relationship fields. Find out more at

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What Does Your Body Language Tell?

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It is your choice whether to listen or not listen to someone talking. You listen when needed and wanted to, but do other people see you as a good listener? Listening skills are essential for good relationships and are also a critical skill in many professions, especially the helping professions. Whether you're maintaining a happy marriage relationship, counseling someone with problems, or coaching members of your team for business success, good listening skills lead others to feel more comfortable. They will have more confidence in you and hold you in higher esteem.

You may not realize how important your body language is, when others view you. It is even more important that your words. So, what says 'good listener' and inspires in others who speak to you the confidence that you really are listening? Your body language, of course! Even if you really are listening to every word, you won't be seen as a good listener unless you have the right body language.

A poor listener has many of these traits -leans away or even turns away slightly, arms folded, maybe a bit of impatient toe tapping, and frequently looking elsewhere. Or, if someone starts to read then you know for sure they're not listening! And of course if your body language suggests you don't want to listen, the other person will feel less comfortable talking with you and will be less likely to confide in you. This is a good recipe for creating distance and miscommunication in a relationship.

A good listener shows five characteristics that can be remembered through the acronym "SOLER".

S - Square-on

Face the other person square on. If you're turned away, you won't give the impression that you want to listen.

O - Open-posture

Folded legs, and particularly folded arms can be subconscious signals that you really don't want to hear what the other person has to say.

L - Lean-towards

Lean slightly towards the other person. This indicates an interest in what they're saying. Leaning away from a person tends to indicate disinterest.

E - Eye-contact

Maintain normal eye contact with the other person. If you keep your eyes down, or keep looking away, you can give the impression that you're not a comfortable or willing listener.

R - Relax

Don't be too formal or stiff. A relaxed posture suggests that you're comfortable in the role of listener, and ready to hear everything the other person has to say.

Start practicing your listening body language and SOLER now, and you will see the improvement of your interpersonal skill and relationships both on and off your job.

Author: George Williams maintains many translator websites, including , , and Please visit his websites and read more interesting articles about translator.

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Dating Women Now!

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How To Start A Conversation With An Attractive Stranger

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For many people, starting a conversation with a stranger is an intimidating task. But for you, after reading this article, it will be a breeze.

The best beginning for the conversation is, "Hi".
(I am sure you can master that!)

The second step is to introduce yourself, "Hi, I am Jim."
(Not too tricky, is it?)

Then it goes depending on circumstances.
The three most popular and foolproof conversation-starters are:

- Make a comment about the surroundings;
- Enquire about something unusual in their appearance;
- Ask for a comment from a woman’s/man’s point of view.

Let’s talk about those conversation-starters in more detail.

1. Making a comment about the SURROUNDINGS.

This is the safest and universal conversation-starter. Wherever you are, something’s always happening around you. There are people, or cars, or queues, or something else. Even if there is nothing happening, you can make a comment about that! Use a bit of humor in your comment and most of the time you will get a favorable answer.

For example:

- Hi, what a chilly/hot day today (on a hot day, say it’s chilly, on a chilly day, say it’s hot -- it’s VERY funny). I see you are also shivering/sweating. By the way, my name is Jim. What is your name?

- Hi, you know, you look very pretty with these awesome roses as the backdrop. By the way, my name is Jim. What is your name?

- Hey, this queue doesn’t seem to be moving, does it? Since we are going to spend the next few hours here together, I guess I should introduce myself: I am Jim. What is your name?

2. Enquiring about something unusual in their appearance.

This requires some skill but after a while you will be able to pick up something in an instant. It can be a tattoo, a piece of jewelry, a handbag, or even an unusual color. People don’t buy things at random. They buy them and wear them because they LIKE them, or because they MEAN something to them. They have some pleasant emotion attached to it. If you mention this thing, you can tap into this pleasant emotion and they will consider your advances more favorably.

For example:

- Hi! I could not help but noticed this interesting ring. It isn’t an engagement ring, is it? If it is, I will have to end my life in a monastery. And by the way, my name is Jim.

- Hi, I was looking at your earrings; they are exactly what I was looking for, as a present for my sister. Where did you get them? And by the way, my name is Jim.

- Hi, I could not help but noticed the book you are reading, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. So, what do you think about it? And by the way, my name is Jim.

3. Asking for a comment from a woman’s/man’s point of view.

This is my favorite!

For some mysterious reason, we just LOVE rendering our opinion as a woman/man. This is such a successful conversation-starter; you can use it anywhere, on anyone. Even 90-year-old grannies will be happy to answer your enquiries.

For example:

- Hi! I am Jim. My friend and I were talking about what women value the most in men they date, and could not agree. Could you please help us out with a woman’s opinion?

- Hi, I am Jill. My friend and I were talking about what men value the most in women they date, and could not agree. Could you please help us out with a man’s opinion?

- Etc, etc.

It doesn’t matter what you are asking about. The point is, we all understand that men and women think differently and we appreciate a thoughtful stranger who makes an effort to learn from the source.

That’s it!

You see, it’s not scary at all. Just go and try it - first on the people you don’t care about, and then on the people you like. You will see that men and women alike generally respond very positively to a friendly stranger.

Start with the service personnel at the shops and cafes. They are PAID to be nice to you. Look them in the eyes and strike a conversation. You will see how easy it is.

Once you learn the skill of starting a conversation with strangers, your life is never going to be the same. You will be able to feel at home wherever you go - simply because you know how to talk to people you never met.

Try it.
It feels fantastic!

Publishing Guidelines: You have permission to publish this article in its entirety, electronically or in print, at no charge, as long as the bylines and the resource box at the end are included. You must make all links active. You can replace the links to 12 Simple Rules website by your affiliate links.

Author: Elena Solomon is a dating coach. Her latest book "12 Simple Rules" ( became #1 'Love & Romance' bestseller in the leading ebook distribution service in just one week after the release. It is a textbook how to bring your love life to the level of evolved dating. This book shows you EXACTLY how you can develop yourself into a self-confident and happy person who attracts people naturally.

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The First Date Conversation

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Live Love Advice - Forecasts, Readings, Insights
The most dreaded thing during first dates, aside from choosing what top would go best with which pants, is what to say on your first real eye-to-eye conversation. You can’t really help it when you turn all giddy on first dates – it’s a natural thing.

There’s only one rule to first date conversations – don’t make a fool of yourself. Stop being overly anxious and suppress all signs of nervousness – appear relaxed, confident and at ease. Get the thought of rejection out of your head and avoid negative speculations. Think good thoughts, this can also help you exude a positive aura that always adds charm to your personality.

Silence can be your worst enemy on first dates, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. It can make one jump into the brink of nervousness and say things that you wish you hadn’t said. If you think the conversation will lead to some dead air, you can make little distractions like slowly sipping your drink. This would give you those precious split seconds to think of something creative to say to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

There are a number of great subjects that can jumpstart a conversation. Make a quick observation of the person you are dating – if she’s the intellectual type, current events can be a good topic to start with. Talk about your present jobs and how happy or discontented you are with your career. Along that line you can also talk about your past schools and funny experiences you might want to share. Ask your date about her hobbies and what interests her. Always add some comments or a follow-up question to keep the conversation moving forward.

Those popular “what’s-your-favorite?” questions shouldn’t be missed. You can really get to know a person’s personal taste with this type of question. Since everyone generally loves traveling, you can also talk about your past leisure trips and some of the vacation spots you fancy – of course, your date would share his or her own thoughts of a dream holiday as well, and who knows, you might even end up having a vacation together.

One can tell a good date from a bad date on the basis of how the conversation on your first date went. Be prepared and have a mental list of the possible things you can talk about. The key to a successful first date is to be yourself – and as long as you can do that, everything else will follow.

Author: Ron Zvagelsky has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2006. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of -- a new interactive planning website.

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How to Speak Fluent Body Language

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You've probably heard the expressions before.. "Chin up, shoulders back," "Keep your distance," "Feet on the ground," "Pain in the neck." But have you ever wondered how they came about? It all has to do with Body Language.

Simply put, body language is the unspoken communication we all use in every face-to-face encounter with other human beings. You could say it's more powerful than anything said aloud. Ninety-three per cent of our everyday communications is non-verbal. Only 7% has to do with words at all. You could be telling that other person much more with your body language than you would ever say in words.

Determining and regulating your own body language could well mean the difference when it comes to job interviews, networking meetings, banquets and business dinners, or even a social occasion, such as a date. Even trickier is learning to read and understand the other person's body language.

So, you're probably asking yourself, "How do I regulate my body language to give a true representation of how I feel when I interact with others?"

Start with the distance between you and the person with whom you're speaking. If you get too close, people feel you're in their face, or too pushy. Too far away, and you could be seen as standoffish.

The angle of your body is a dead giveaway to others. We tend to angle our body towards those people we find friendly or interesting, and angle away from those we feel are cold or unfriendly. Crossing your arms over your chest shows defensiveness. This posture says, "I'm closed off and keeping you out."

Eye Contact is one of the most important ways to communicate with others. Looking them in the eye shows respect and interest. We've all experienced the person who looks constantly at their watch, or seems to be far away and not listening to us. Their body language says, "I have other places to be and other more interesting people to talk to than you." Or the person that you know is not listening to what you're saying, but instead is busy deciding what he/she will say next. Someone whose eyes are downcast, not looking you in the eye could be exhibiting signs of shyness, or it could be deceit. Someone who is lying to you will not look you in the eye.

The head position also says a lot. To show confidence or authority, simply keep your head level. This says, "Take me seriously, my words are important." To show friendliness and interest in what the other person is saying, tilt your head slightly to one side or the other.

Mouth movements are easy clues to what the other person may be feeling. If they purse their lips or twist them, they could be thinking carefully about what you just said, or disagreeing with you, but holding back comment. You can certainly tell when someone is not pleased.

The handshake is extremely important in the communication with others. No one wants to shake a hand like a wet noodle; at the same time, a handshake needn't be a contest of strength. It's a handshake, not arm wrestling. Many people also don't quite know what to do with their hands after the handshake, especially when meeting someone new. They tend to clasp their hands together, nervously, or fiddle with their jewelry.

Since we're constantly sending out these powerful messages, it's clear we should make an effort to learn more about what our bodies say to others. And learning what others are really saying to us is of paramount importance in our day-to-day communications.

So, chin up, shoulders back, keep your distance, head up, eyes sharp, don't be pushy or standoffish, smile and shake that hand. You too can learn to speak fluent body language.

Author: Michael Lee is the author of "How to be a Red Hot Persuasion Wizard... in 20 days or less", an ebook that reveals mind-altering persuasion techniques on how to tremendously enhance your relationships, create unlimited wealth, and get anything you want...just like magic. Get a sample chapter and highly-stimulating "Get What You Want" advice at: He is the Co-Founder of and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.

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