Viagra Side Effects: Learn about the possible dangerous side effect to this wonder drug

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Viagra Side Effects: Learn about the possible dangerous side effect to this wonder drugHere is what I found after doing extensive research in the following publications:(they all have websites and archives on-line.) 1)British Medical Journal, 2) National Cholesterol Education Program 3)New England Journal of Medicine 4) CBS News(Sources for info given below::1) 291:34, 19852 2) Pub. # 91-2732:11, 19913 3) 328:1213, 19934 3) 307:652, 1982.

Since being approved in March 2000 by the FDA, a total 130 Americans have died resulting from the complications and side effects cause my Viagra - 77 from coronary heart problems such as heart attacks. Others have suffered strokes and non-fatal heart attacks as a direct result of using Viagra. Pharmaceutical companies warn men not to take Viagra without a prescription from a doctor because of the many risks, especially for men taking nitroglycerin, which is a heart drug that lowers high blood pressure.

The British Medical Journal reports cases of men taking Viagra who maintained painful erections for up to 24 hours after ejaculation this complication is called priapism and I couldn't imagine the horror that must caused by this. This totally unnatural occurrence is so dangerous that it can actually damage the tiny valves in the penis veins, leading to permanent impotence. This condition would be more likely to strike young men in their prime who do not need Viagra but take more as a sexual performance enhancer than men who truly suffer from impotence.....

Because of its affects a person's vision the inability to distinguish between blue and green, pilots are prohibited from taking it for 12 hours before flying. The last thing on earth you want to happen is to be stuck on a plane with 500 people which crashed all because the pilot couldn't differentiate the colors on the control panel in the cockpit because he popped a Viagra.

CBS News analyzed four years of Viagra adverse events reported to the FDA. There were eye problems in more than 800 patients with more than 140 cases of partial or total blindness. These reports alone aren't proof of a direct link, but, experts look to them for patterns.

The FDA asked manufacturers of Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra to revise product labeling after a very small number of patients taking the PDE5 inhibitors reported sudden hearing loss, sometimes accompanied by ringing in the ears and dizziness.

Pounding headaches, which are caused by the surge of blood to the meninges (the sheath protecting the brain) is just another of the many side-effect that are caused by Viagra. Other side effect that affect about 10% of men are blurred vision, a decrease tolerance to bright lights, stomach upset, nasal congestion, diarrhea and urinary tract infection. Facial flushing where the blood vessels to the face dilate causing redness, is also considered to be quite common.

The information above is quite a comprehensive list of the short term side-effects of Viagra usage, wait until you hear about the long term side-effects. Viagra can leave men unable to achieve erections without its use, thus creating life-long Dependence! This is what happened to me, it wasn't pretty and prompted me to look for other alternatives out there.

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Viagra Side Effects: Learn about the possible dangerous side effect to this wonder drug

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Dating Your Coworker or Boss, Is This A Good Idea?

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That’s a million dollar question! Dating your coworker or boss, someone you see at least five days a week, eight hours or more a day, why not? Well, that depends if dating your coworker will create problems in the workplace for you. Probably not a good idea to date your boss, this could cause problems for you down the line.

Imagine, you’re in the company cafeteria talking to your coworker that you date. Sally and John just walked into the cafeteria and they immediately start staring and whispering to themselves about the both of you. You know they’re talking about you because they look in your direction continuously while they whisper.

You and the coworker you date, feel very uncomfortable with Sally and John’’s reaction to you having lunch together. You think to yourselves that it may have been a mistake for you to have lunch together in the cafeteria where you work.

You’re now going to be the topic of your other coworkers conversation you believe, thanks to Sally and John who are known in the workplace as the king and queen of gossiping at your job. Both of you now wonder if the two of you should be dating and what were you thinking when you decided to have lunch together in the company’s cafeteria.....

What type of problems could dating your coworker or maybe your boss cause? Well, what if you get into an argument at home or while you are on a date, when you go back to work you have to see that person almost everyday! If that person is your boss, then you could possibly loose that promotion you worked so hard for or maybe you have to walk on eggshells while you’re at work! This could make you feel very uncomfortable.

Or, if you’re getting along well with the coworker or boss you’re dating, your coworkers may think when they see you together that you may be getting special treatment. Especially if the boss you are dating favors you and gives you a promotion. This could cause a problem for the both of you.

If you just have to date your coworker or boss, consider keeping your personal relationship outside of the workplace! When you participate in this type of relationship, keep it professional in the office and personal outside of workplace. This is key in keeping the work place rumor mill to a minimum on having information about you and your coworker dating.

Only you will know if dating your coworker or boss will be a good idea for you. If you don’t believe this will cause a problem, then go for it! There are many people that have found their soul mates in the workplace. So do what makes you happy, after all you are in control of your own destiny and love life.


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Dating Your Coworker or Boss

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