Flirt and Making Acquaintance

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How to make acquaintance with an unfamiliar woman or man? It’s a perpetual problem. The article of the offers a few tips for people who are looking for their partner, how to attract the picked “victim’s” attention…

Walking in the midtown may become an adventure

Take a walk in the city center on a Saturday afternoon. Disguise yourself as a tourist and take a camera with you. If you don’t have one, borrow or buy a cheap disposable camera. If you catch sight of somebody you like turn to her and ask her to take a photo of you in front of a show-place but in a way that she’ll take the photo of you and not the background. Carry on and ask her if you could take a picture of her. This way you create an opportunity for a conversation. It might turn out that she is also alone and offers you to be your guide. The camera method has another advantage: it urges you to visit romantic places, museums, parks, where lots of singles spend their weekend afternoons. According to a professional photographer he is always successful in making interesting acquaintances if he has his camera with him. At the age of modern automatic cameras you don’t have to be a professional: take a snapshot of somebody and flirt with her.

Flirting at the university

You can attend either the lectures at the university or only the canteen, you’ll be able to flirt. University is a good place for flirting, because of the fact that a number of people gather there. If you catch sight of someone who interests you, simply ask her what lectures she attends. “Which year are you in? Do you have a determinate plan or do you study for the sake of entertainment?” The repertory of questions is infinite. You can recommend that you take a coffee break or go to library together. You may tell her how splendid books you have at home and ask her if she feels like looking at them.

Flirt while waiting line

The situation is advantageous because the ones in front of and behind you are waiting to see the same play, movie or exhibition as you. So the topic of the conversation is given. For example if you are waiting outside the movies you can turn to the lucky ones like this: “Have you heard what the director did at the premier?” At the end you’ll be sitting next to your new acquaintance at eat popcorn from the same bag.

Flirt in a cafe

At the table next to yours a pretty woman is reading her newspaper. Ask her if there’s something interesting in it. Her answer will probably be negative, for which you may reply: “Don’t you think that there should be a paper in which there are only good pieces of news?” This strategy can be applied on the way around as well, you can read out the titles or a few lines of the editorial to the lonely man sitting at the next table. Go to the café on Sunday mornings, it’s a convenient time to talk about life’s things.

Flirt in the park

You’re in a beautiful park, there are trees and birds, light and shade around you’re solving cross-words sitting on a bench. When you look up cogitatively you observe a handsome man rubbernecking on the other half of the bench. Mutter silently: “Hm … Aztecan sun-god … seven letters down.” Then turn directly to the attractive stranger: “Don’t you happen to know what the name of the Aztecan sun-god might be? Seven letters.” After you excited his curiosity he’ll approach you and your cross-words. You’re in for it. It’s going to be a pleasant afternoon. To your next walk in the park take some bird seeds with you. If you catch sight of a pretty passer-by, sprinkle some seeds toward her. Birds will troop around her, that’s for sure. Walk to her with an innocent face and address her: “It seems birds like you … And I know why!” Smile at her and introduce yourself to her. This is also a successful method!

If you go to the museum…

…don’t forget to visit the gift-shop or the restaurant of the museum. You can do other things as well in a museum than watching exhibition cases. Some people go there to have coffee. Why don’t you follow their example? It’s easy to enter upon a conversation. Topics seem to offer themselves: you can converse on the exhibits, artists, the building of the museum. Don’t forget about the gift-shop: it’s easy to make new friends among the many bric-a-bracs.

Exploit the intervals

If you go to theater, opera, to your favorite actor’s performance, don’t stay at your place during the intervals, but go to the lounge for a drink or a cake. If the audience are squeezing toward the buffet, step forward and take part in the conversation. The topic will probably be on today’s play or previous plays. Test your communicative skills and narrate a few stories about the lives of the scenic heroes: it’s possible that by the end of the play you’ll have shared the cheerful atmosphere of the play with your own hero/heroine.

The best place at a party is by the bar or the buffet

Why? Because people looking for some food or drink come and go all the time. If the clambake is held in a hotel you can relocate your residence next to the cloakroom, because the circulation is reasonable there as well: people longing for some fresh air or fleeting the tumult or even looking for love – it’s possible that you make new friends there. If you encounter some boring woman leave her with some polite excuse and find another busy place. Perhaps you should look around one more time before. Remember, you have decided to get to know as many people as possible tonight! If you encounter somebody you find attractive smile at her and ask her: “Wouldn’t you like to continue this conversation during dinner on Tuesday?” observe what type you deal with, what may interest her, use your illusions to suggest something that she will presumably accept. Dancing marathon? Marathon race? Old horror movies? Your attentiveness and politeness will surely attract your new acquaintance’s attention and curiosity and will be all afire with the desire to see you again. With your empressement and cordiality you will attract people wherever you may be.

Eat at the dining car if you’re traveling on a train

You can pack food for the trip and mumble on it alone, but why don’t you visit the dining car? Traveling may seem shorter there and you’ll have a great time, especially if you encounter interesting people. Perhaps your future one-and-only is traveling on exactly this train with you.

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