Hot Romance - How To Keep A Great Relationship Going

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New relationships seem so exciting . . . and they appear to be full of promise. That's one reason why some people spend so much time starting relationships, but not continuing them.

The real problem is often not knowing what to do after the infatuation stage comes to an end. This brief article will offer some helpful tips for building great relationships, well beyond the initial honeymoon phase.

Tips For Finding Great Joy In Your Enduring Relationship

First, rejoice that your relationship has made it through the honeymoon stage. Many never get this far! A brand new relationship can be exciting, but it can be just as exciting to watch your relationship grow and settle into a more mature phase......

A quiet sense of excitement will replace the heady perfume and glitter of a brand new relationship . . . a quiet sense of excitement that becomes far more reliable and satisfying over time.

Second, resist the urge to go out and find another relationship that will excite the senses (for as long as it is in the infatuation phase). You may be leaving behind a perfectly good relationship because you are anxious about how to move into a steady and committed relationship. Face your fear and find the strength to stay with your relationship.

Third, find ways to make your ongoing relationship exciting, and keep it fresh and new. All you have to do to keep your relationship interesting is to keep reinventing it. Every day bring excitement and enthusiasm to the relationship. Guard against falling into rigid patterns or a rut.

Ruts are like potholes. If they are deep enough, they can wreck your relationship.

How can you keep your relationship fresh and new?

Try this very simple but useful formula:

A) Do new things together,

B) Find new ways of having fun,

C) Go to new and interesting places together.

Four, deal with any problems or issues that act as a barrier to a good relationship. Avoid procrastination. Deal with it now and get rid of it. Act to prevent problems. Eradicate that which may seep emotional toxins into your relationship.

Five, don't despair if your relationship seems to be getting old, predictable or commonplace. Simply contribute more to your relationship, put new life into it and get closer to your partner . . . and your relationship won't seem so predictable, boring or old hat.

Here's another tip: try taking interesting vacations every few months. You'll find these excursions to be wonderful opportunities for getting closer to your partner, if you keep your focus on having fun and doing things together.

Six, avoid giving in to negative or pessimistic thoughts. If you think your relationship is going to crash, it probably will. Replace fear-based negative thoughts and expectations with "we can do this" thoughts.

Seven, improve your friendship. When you and your partner are best friends, who get closer to each other as time goes by, your relationship won't become dull. When you put the friendship first, your relationship will be more rewarding. Having a best friend and romantic partner in the same person is one of life's greatest pleasures.

It's truly the quality of your friendship that can keep your relationship from getting old.

As time goes by, use surprise and change to constantly remake your relationship and keep it stimulating. Rely on your own ingenuity. Be creative with your love life.

On that subject, avoid the ruts. Keep experimenting. Make your relationship zig where it used to zag. Don't allow your sex life to become old hat.

Above all, please do not expect your relationship to run on auto-pilot. Cultivate the habit of cultivating your relationship, just like a garden. Get busy and be creative. Be thoughtful and considerate, and find small ways of pleasing or surprising your partner.

Nothing lasts forever . . . never forget how short life is -- always make the most of your time together.

By constantly renewing and sustaining your relationship, you'll keep it going strong. You'll be glad you stayed with your relationship . . . a great relationship in the making!

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Hot Romance - How To Keep A Great Relationship Going

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How To Impress A Girl's Friends

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Everybody knows that a woman will weigh heavily on the opinion of her friends when it comes to dating a guy. Men and women are naturally social creatures that take the opinions of our closest friends very seriously. One of the problems that guys have is that they tend to focus in on the girl that they like almost exclusively. Imagine if you're out with a bunch of your friends and someone came up to one of them. What if they completely ignored you and your whole group the entire night? You'd probably think that was pretty rude, and that's the vibe that most guys are giving off in social settings when they're trying to meet someone. If you do that, you've basically started behind the eight ball when it comes to her friends already. Don't be like every other guy, in order to be looked at differently, you have to be different. Here are some ways you can impress her friends and increase your chances of getting the girl.......

Pay attention to her friends

The first mistake that most guys make is ignoring her friends completely. Don't be rude and seem like you're only out for one thing. Be sociable and interact with everyone. Be a gentlemen and offer to buy a round of drinks or something similar. Talk to everyone and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. The main key here is that you can't just completely fake it. Women will see right through you. If you are able to be engaging to her friends, it will win you major points. You'll be showing her that you can be a dating option because her friends can hang around you too. Women don't want to have to choose between their friends and their boyfriend, so show her she wouldn't have to.

Be fun and witty

Women love when there's a fun guy around. It's natural for people to gravitate towards fun people. I mean, who wouldn't want to be around someone that makes you laugh and you have a good time with? The key here is to not overdo it. Don't be one of those guys that won't shut up because he thinks he's so funny. Just be natural and show your wit with a couple well placed one-liners. This is the type of thing that you really can't practice for, either you have it or you don't. If you're not the funniest guy on the planet, at least try to laugh at yourself. Women like a man that doesn't take himself so serious, so self-deprecating humor works wonders. Women love a man that can make them laugh, so spark her interest even more by showing her how fun you can be.

Be a part of the party

A lot of times when women go out with their friends they celebrate certain things like birthdays, a job promotion, or just about anything really. It's important that you show her (and her friends) that you can just be one of the "girls" so to speak. By this I mean that you don't always need all the attention on you. If the night is about her friend's birthday, then make it about her friend's birthday. Buy her a drink, pick up the dinner tab, propose a toast, or something similar. These show that you can be selfless and a good friend to her friend. Her friends will enjoy the fact that you can be a part of the group, and she will think your actions are really sweet.

Overall, the relationship you have with a woman's friends can ultimately decide your fate when it comes to being a romantic interest. Don't blow it by being like every other guy that's come up to her that night. Let her know you're interested, but focus on having fun with her and her friends for the evening. It shows her that you're not a pompous prick who's only out for one thing, and it also gains you some very important allies (her friends) in the possibility of romance down the road.

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For more general tips on increasing your chances for success, check out the Kiss You Back article on how to get the girl. Joseph D is the founder and a contributor of, a site aimed at providing free dating and relationship tips and advice to help people build positive relationships in their life.

How To Impress A Girl's Friends

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