Approaching A Woman Online

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Approaching a woman online, and getting it right is the most important thing to do after getting your profile ready. You need to get this part of your online dating spot on to make everything else you have done so far worthwhile.

You're not going to get that first e-mail right first time so you're own trial and error will be part of finding out what approach works best for you.

When you have found a single that you would like to contact make sure you read her profile through thoroughly. This is very important as your e-mail will be based around the information she has put in it. A woman won't put every detail in her profile to then respond to a message saying "I think you're hot would you like a chat." This might be the way men want to get approached but women are different.

You need to write an e-mail, and mention things that caught your eye in her profile. You have to make your e-mail stand out from all the others the single woman has had that day. You may even have sent the only e-mail, the rest just might be some flirts that other single men send to about 30 other women. This will make your message the first one she looks at.

Mentioning some things from her profile will show her that you have read it. Most men will just send a flirt to someone because they like the photograph. Women need more than this to send you a reply back. You need to make it personal this will at least get your message read. After this she will check your profile, and if she likes the look of that you will get your reply.

If you're going to add humor to your message make sure you aim it at yourself. You have to keep it in the flow of the e-mail though. Don't just start writing a joke just to look funny as this will just make her cringe. If humor isn't good coming from you you're better off leaving it out of your e-mail.

When approaching a woman online effectively you have to keep your e-mails fairly short. You don't need to start telling them about you. You will have plenty of time for this once you have had a reply. Just use your first e-mail to find out about them, and make the recipient feel your interest in her. This will make her feel better if your the only single man to show some real interest in your e-mail.

Never start pestering anyone. If they don't respond to your e-mail then move onto someone else. Your e-mails are not going to get replied to every time. Once the single women has read them they will then look at your profile. They have to be attracted to you for you to get a reply. If they're not attracted to you just get over it and move on.

If you stick to approaching women this way you will get a much higher reply rate than 95% of online dating service users.

Author: Jason King is the webmaster for The online dating reviews.

Approaching A Woman Online

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