Mastering Your Conversational Skills With Women

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To do that, you've got to practice by talking to women a LOT.

For every minute you spend reading or theorizing about women,
spend ten minutes actually INTERACTING with women in the REAL

All the theory in the world is useless if you can't even get
the basic guts to approach a woman.

Get your butt out there and do it and realize that REAL
INTERACTION is the lifeblood of this "game" called
learning how to att.ract women.

Your goal in the beginning should just be to get COMFORTABLE
talking to women a LOT.

Just chat your butt off.

It's really no biggie.

Focus on your CHAT, on your voice tonality sounding
passionate and powerful and fun; not boring, and focus
on having conversations that are INTERESTING.

If you think you're passed that, then try to also
project a certain amount of your se.xual state by actually
thinking se.xual thoughts.

This way, all the tips you read will actually make much
more sense and also will prevent you from misinterpreting
the information.

You will have a real life CONTEXT in which to understand
all the material you read.

So make it a goal for the next month to talk to women
everyday, no matter where you find them.

Keep your conversations light and playful and avoid any
boring topics like the weather, your work, or any heavy
academic type material.

Bust on her jewelry or clothing or shoes instead of harping
on about the cost of parking spaces.

So what's with the playful thing then?


Stop being serious around women.

Most guys are way too serious around women and thus
imply that they are desperate, boring, and uptight,

Instead, be playful with women, and make your
interactions FUN.

Whether it's a fun teasing, or tickling her, or telling
her a funny story that really happened to you, or
role-playing with her that she is after you and you are
hard to get, all these are FUN.

Being playful and fun implies that you will also be fun in
bed, fun to hang around with, and also that you have your
life under control.

All this has "pulling" power in the same way a giant planet
cannot help but "pull" in any surrounding material.

Being playful also helps overcome her socially conditioned
fear of being labeled a "slut" for talking to you, or for
getting physical with you, etc, because in her mind, it's
all "playful" and not too serious.

Playful is not just about what you say, it's your
expressions on your face, it's your voice, it's your choice
of style, it's where you choose to hang out.

See, if you don't understand how women are wired and
how the dating process works, then almost every 'logical'
thing you do; things you ASSUME might score you points with
your woman will NOT work.

It's a whole new 'world' out there in the dating
scene right now, it's far more complicated than it has ever
been and everything you were taught on dating by the media,
your parents, friends, etc in past just won't flat out work

I'm not joking.

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