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What you have to do is learn to keep them guessing about you... the same way women always keep us guessing about them.

Too many of us guys are always trying to read every little sign, every little signal, and we react to them like a puppet.

If she smiles and touches you, you're happy for a week. Then next week she won't even acknowledge you exist and you're ready to swear off women and become a priest or something.

We gotta stop giving them the power to make us jump whenever they want us to. We need to reverse this and have them always trying to guess about us.

In one of my earlier tips, I said that women are attracted to men who add some mystery and excitement to their lives. They like it when you take them on emotional roller coaster rides and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Simply put: Pay her a lot of attention one day and the next day pay her less.

Don't completely ignore her or come off like you have an attitude or something. Just act like you have other things that are attracting your attention or are more important to you at that time.

Good Luck!

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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Sit a Little Closer

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Allen Schiffenbauer and R. Steven Schiavo did an interesting little experiment.

They had a confederate (i.e. an ally of the experimenter who pretends to be a subject) sit either close to the subjects (2 feet), or far from the subjects (5 feet). In addition, the confederate
behaved in either a like able, neutral, or unlikable fashion toward the subjects.

What they found was when the confederate behaved in a LIKE ABLE fashion, the subjects tended to LIKE the confederate MORE when the confederate sat CLOSER to the subjects than when the confederate sat farther away.

Also, when the confederate behaved in an UNLIKABLE fashion, the subjects tended to DISLIKE the confederate MORE when the confederate sat CLOSER to the subjects than when the confederate sat farther away. Neutral behavior wasn't really affected.

So the moral of the story is...

If you're NICE, and you feel you're making a pretty good impression on a woman, then it would be to your benefit to decrease the distance between the two of you... slightly. Sit a little closer.
Stand a little closer. (A LITTLE closer -- Don't lay all over her.) Or use body language techniques to decrease the "psychological" distance between the two of you (such as direct eye contact, open relaxed posture, leaning the body or head towards her, etc.).

On the other hand, if you feel you're not making as great an impression as you'd like, then it might be best to keep your distance... minimize the damage somewhat until you're more on top
of your game. (Of course, this particular strategy wouldn't apply to any of YOU.)

What we're talking about here is simply one of the many ways available that you can subtly boost physiological arousal in women... and thus boost their emotional responses toward you. Sitting or standing closer to her will boost her arousal. In addition, you become the object of her attention... simply because it's hard to ignore someone who's close to you.

But remember, the key is to make sure that she likes you first. Then you can focus your attention on boosting that emotional arousal necessary for her to start the "falling in love" process.

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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Think of all the women you've ever had plans with.

Think of the ones you stood up or cancelled on (if any) and think of the ones that you didn't. Ever notice that you hardly ever cancel on someone that you're TRULY interested in?

How, through hell or high water, if you thought she was really great you would make the date no matter what? And when and if you cancelled on a girl, did your opinion of her change afterward?

Here's the rub... everyone gather round and listen closely. When a girl cancels on you, it makes her like you LESS. Let me repeat that in case you're just tuning in. When a girl cancels on you, it makes her like you less.

This is a phenomenon psychologists refer to as "cognitive dissonance." Basically, the way it works is that whenever we do something that goes against our values (such as lying when you consider yourself an honest person, or doing something mean when you consider yourself to be nice) it creates a disharmony (dissonance) in our minds.

Our minds search for a way to explain why our actions are not in keeping with our perception of ourselves. They do this by making a sort of excuse for ourselves (for example, after you're mean to someone, saying that the person DESERVED your mean treatment makes it easier to understand why you would do something like that).

When a girl cancels on you, she may think of herself as a very kind person normally, but she tells herself that she cancelled on you because you were not her type, or not attractive enough, or not interesting enough, or whatever... she'll tell herself these things and BELIEVE THEM even if they aren't really true.

Cognitive dissonance is a bitch!

Luckily, it works both ways.

Whenever someone does something NICE for you, it makes them like you MORE. Even something simple, a small favor. It doesn't even matter how small.

At work, ask her to help you with some really minor project (this works on a couple of levels, because it shows you have the confidence to ask for help and it lets her do something nice for you). Make sure that it's something that she isn't FORCED or COMPELLED to do. Something that isn't in the job description, so that when she does it, she realizes that it was her CHOICE and that she CHOSE to help you, ergo she must like you.

If it's at a bar or a club, ask if she has a pen you can borrow. Something small and simple! You get the idea.

By doing this, you can turn your adversary "cognitive dissonance" into your friend.

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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The worst problem guys have is that they can’t seem to overcome their hesitation, fear, and serious attitude around women.

The problem is, we don’t have the right people to model and copy – guys who are just naturals with women.

We’ve all known that guy from school or work who just seemed to get lots of women effortlessly, without lines or routines or seduction formulas. This guy was just, well, a Natural with women and we envied his seemingly magic talent

Another group of men that has an uncanny success with women is The Charismatic. Such men possess a raw charisma that shines through in group situations.

So the question is, what’s the difference between true Naturals and Charismatics, and how do you incorporate the secrets and skills of one or the other… or both?


Being a true Natural with women is all about letting go and letting loose. Whereas most guys have had their fresh, carefree, childlike spirit beaten out of them, the Natural is, above all else, playful, with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye.

Whereas most guys have learned through school and work to act carefully and deliberately, trying to always please, thinking of how they look in other’s eyes, Naturals are blissfully uncaring, lighthearted, and don’t take anything too seriously.

In this way, Naturals are like children, infecting everyone around them with their youthful impulsiveness and spontaneity. Their playfulness translates into a fearlessness and brazenness with women that most other men have lost. And this relaxed playfulness has an intoxicating effect on women, promising them the chance to come out of their own shells of boring conformity.


The Charismatic man is particularly successful in groups of people. It’s his smoothness with language that makes him stand out - when he speaks, he uses storytelling, vivid imagery, and delightful spontaneity to move the group to laughter, excitement, and mass euphoria.

The Charismatic knows how to use his body language to command attention, using sweeping physical gestures, animated expressions, and piercing eye contact.

When he speaks, he puts his audience into a sort of hypnotic trance, and no one can take their eyes off of him.

As a result, people feel alive and energized around him, like a kind of electric current passes between him and the group, feeding off one another. Men want to follow him and women want a chance to be with him.

The Charismatic is no entertaining clown however. He makes girls compete and work for his reward and approval, and does not reveal all of himself at once.

And whereas most men hesitate before taking bold action, The Charismatic acts with single-minded self-assurance. He expresses what others are afraid to express. He says what others want to say, but don’t. He does not apologize for who he is or go halfway- and he is never afraid of going too far. It’s this unbridled openness that’s part of his magnetic attraction to women.

You see, most girls are in fact, incredibly bored with their lives. They attempt to suppress their inward sexuality and inner feelings because it is socially unacceptable. Yet women crave openness, adventure, and wild passion.

It’s the Charismatic’s unshakable confidence, sense of adventure, and open acts of social risk that hits women like a thunderclap. He delivers the intense, emotional fix and escape from reality that they’re looking for.


Now you can focus on becoming more of a Natural with women or a Charismatic into your own core personality.

But being natural and having raw charisma can’t come from traditional book study. That’s why renowned hypnotist Damian Transari and I have developed two new trance CDs designed to put your mind into the state of the natural and charismatic archetypes.

The Natural trance CD will bring out the natural seducer in you, making you playful and uninhibited and effortless, throwing off the heavy chains of seriousness, snapping apart the bonds of social pressure holding you back. Click here to hear a free audio sample

The Charismatic trance CD will build the behaviors and mindset of the Charismatic into our own selves by ridding the self-consciousness and discomfort most of us feel in groups. We too can command body language, spontaneous fun, and group tactics for winning over women. Click here to hear a free audio sample

Through these two CDs, offered here for the very first time, you can try on new behaviors, new skills, and clean out daily negativity all in a rapid manner, while you’re in an altered state of suggestible trance.

Check it out today!


- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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This is email from my fellow Don Juan. Thanks to him.

When I first came to this site, about a year ago, my burn rate was pretty high -- maybe one real date that panned out out of every five women I was interested in and approached (and one out of five of those did I get a second date).

I am about average in looks, so I have always had to rely on my rapport to succeed, and I've always done barely adequate. However, I never took great care in my appearance; I was clean, but I didn't stand out. In my 20's I could get away with this, but I began to notice diminishing returns as I got older (I'm 32).

One day I thought, "What if every day I looked as though I was going out on a date?"

I decided to try an experiment, even though I knew it would be awkward. I went out and bought some nice clothes.

I am not rich, but I managed to pick out some good things for a reasonable amount of money, not overlooking what can be had at some of the nicer thrift stores. I decided that every pay day I would reward myself and pick out a few things here and there, buy brand new boxers to replace the tighty whities, and really work to change my look.

It has been a few months, and I am floored at the difference.

Now I am known as someone who dresses well all of the time.

For one, at work, more customers ask if I am the manager, and I get a real kick out of telling them that I am not. I get a completely different reaction from my superiors when I am dealing with them. At least three of my female co-workers have "noticed" me, which has
presented a whole new set of "problems".

Once more, I have gone from having to approach women and get their attention to having them initiate conversation about 50% of the time. This kind of thing seems to build on itself, because even though I am asking for less numbers, I am going on more dates.

I socialize in a pretty tight knit community, and so word seems to have gotten around, as now my girl-friends are starting to slyly inquire about my interest in women that are mutual acquaintances (social proof).

All of this, of course, has improved my self confidence, and that has added an additional dimension. I don't feel like I have to close on every woman I talk to, and I am perfectly happy with just bantering with most of them and getting the occasional number when I know it's a sure bet.

All of this sounds really hokey, doesn't it? I never would have believed it had I not tried it myself. We do live in a world where we are judged on looks.

If you are the best DJ in the world, but you are not looking the best that you can, then you are not as likely to meet and succeed with the person that you will really "click" with. Think about

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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Click here to learn how to quickly and easily seduce the women of your dreams... Get The Seduction Science System now

You might not be the best looking guy (heck, most of us aren’t), and you might not have youth on your side, but there’s an effective way to make up for your less-than-perfect looks - and that’s dressing right.

99% of guys I see, I’m not impressed. Most guys look disheveled. But even the guys that look put together, they’re dressed in the most boring fashion. They may be dressed neatly, but dressed to conform, to not be noticed, to blend into the background.

So just by dressing in the right way, I can get a solid advantage over the other guys out there in attracting women.

But some guys enthusiastically move to the opposite extreme, “peacocking” themselves in a sort of three ring circus manner, complete with colored fingernails, PVC tight pants, charm lockets hanging around their necks, or digital electronic signs flashing on their chests. This will certainly get you lots of attention, and more power to you for going all out.

But I’m going to share some of my own dressing techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd as an intriguing and sexy dresser, yet allow you to feel comfortable with they way you’re dressed.

And I bet you can’t guess what my first best advice for dressing is…

My first favorite tip is to wear boots. I love boots because they make you look taller. I always look for and use boots with a two inch heel. After all, you have every advantage in appearing taller to women. A tall man can overcome lousy looks. But whether you’re tall or short, every inch counts.

I also look for interesting boots that stand out and look unique. For instance, I have a pair of fake-leather iguana cowboy boots. When I’m out on the town in South Florida here, I’m the ONLY guy wearing cowboy boots. I get opened by women on a regular basis on those boots because they’re so unique. The cost? $60 dollars.

I’ve also got a pair of black leather cowboy boots with red flames spreading from the toe up the length of the boot. They’re more colorful, and I get even more comments on them- just about every other time I wear them I get stopped by a woman about those fire boots. I’ve even been stopped by men asking wear they can get a pair. Cost? Well, they’re made of real leather and imported from Europe, so kind of expensive- $200 dollars, but worth the price.

Then I’ve got my standard black boots. These boots give weight to my feet, give me two extra inches of height, and have silver metal decorations on the toe that catch the light. I don’t get stopped on the street about these ones, but they’re good all general purpose boots for any day or nighttime occasion and go with any outfit. Cost? About $70 dollars.

Another dress item that works wonders is hats. I have two hats in particular that I really love. One is a dark tan straw cowboy hat, (sort of looks like the one Crocodile Dundee wears). Girls love that hat. They grab it off my head and try it on. It also adds about 3 more inches to my height. Between the boots and the hat, I go from about 6 feet to 6 feet 5 inches, which makes a huge difference in my physical presence. Cost? $36 dollars.

I’ve also got a more casual “baseball cap”. Except this cap has a skull and flames sewn into the front against a blue background. The colors catch the eye immediately, draw women’s eyes to my face, and the skull and flames convey danger and adventure and the sexy rebel. Cost? I found it at Ross on a total fluke for $3.99.

As for shirts, throw out everything you got from Macy’s, JC Penney, and Walmart. These stores are selling cheap volume to the bored and uninspired masses. You will not find one shirt in those stores that will make you truly shine.

It’s hard to describe my favorite shirts, so I’ll just tell you where to find them. I’ve found a few of my best shirts in South Beach, which is full of specialty clothing stores. I’ve found some good shirts on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California as well as Hollywood, Florida and North Miami Beach.

All of my shirts have a dramatic design with a high color contrast between the shirt’s base color and the design’s color. For instance, I have a bright white button-down shirt with a bold, jet-black design splashed across the chest. The contrast between the snow white and the jet black really grabs the eye.

Expect to pay $60 to $140 for a good shirt. You can usually bargain down in speciality clothing stores 10% to 20%. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s a lot less expensive than a fancy car and you’ll get far more positive attention from women with the right shirt.

When I dress like everyone else, I almost never get eye contact with women. When I’m dressed, I get eye contact from women constantly. And I feel sexy and confident from the validation- it feeds your ego and makes you daring. My clothes make a HUGE difference in my game.

Now what happens when a woman compliments you about something that you’re wearing?

If you’re dressed right, it’s going to happen on a regular basis, so you need to be prepared for it. Usually the woman will say something like, “Hey, nice boots!” or “Wow, I love your shirt.”

What I first do is acknowledge their compliment with a “thanks” and a big smile, which is a conveyance of nonverbal sexual cues… my voice and my smile.

Next, I’ll open them on a completely different topic, like an opinion opener or I’ll use a statement like, “Wow, you’re so cool…” I’ll say in a playful, exaggerated manner. “I love you!” and then I’ll hug her. Then I’ll switch topics completely.

So those are just some tips to look smashing without going the circus sideshow route. Just whatever you do, don’t dress like everyone else, don’t dress in “safe” clothing from the departments store, designed primarily to put people to sleep.

And yes, you’ll have to invest a little money, but it will be one of the best investments you ever make. Just think how much TIME you’ll waste if you’re not dressed right, and you’re time is worth money too.

So we’ve talked a lot about your externals, but what about your INTERNALS? That’s what my Deep Inner Game Program is all about – reprogramming you from the inside out so that you feel just as good on the INSIDE as you’ll look on the outside.

Deep Inner Game is broken into 5 CDs, each dealing with a different aspect of your development- your confidence, your sexuality, your playfulness, your ability to connect, and your smoothness and flow.

BOTH outer preparation and INNER preparation are necessary components for your ultimate success with women. Get started on building that wardrobe and check out The Deep Inner Game Program right now. Together, you’ll experience some amazing results.

Until later,


Click here to learn how to quickly and easily seduce the women of your dreams... Get The Seduction Science System now

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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Learn This Rare But Simple Seduction Formula in 12 Minutes

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Let's dive right into these few paragraphs that have been reduced from 30+ pages. Do yourself a favor and read every word right now. After reading this you will discover that the key to increasing the frequency of sex you get is determined by how well you understand just 2 things.

And these are two things that you probably already know about. The only difference is your success and how well you benefit from this formula will be based on how well you act on these two things.

Keeping these two things in mind will allow you to dramatically increase the amount of sex you get in a very short amount of time.

The formula always works, so if you want more sex, pay attention. Before I reveal what it is, let's look at some super simple facts:

Fact #1: Having sex is fun.

Fact #2: Having more sex is more fun!

At any rate, the formula (or the components that will allow you to have high quality sex) is driven by two factors: Opportunity + Perception.

That's it.

Sex = Perception + Opportunity (That's the formula!)

Do yourself a favor and remember this formula for the rest of your life. It's the simplest seduction formula on the planet that will ever be created. And as long as it is engrained into your mind, you will be changed forever.

Forgot about the hard-to-apply seduction techniques that are followed by a strong urge to practice it like hell.

Forget about long, hard-to-remember seduction techniques. I've seen them all. And every time I read these impossible-to-remember techniques I bust out laughing. Forget about seduction techniques that are created from silly scripts that don't offer any success-driven understanding.

They say: "Tell her blab, blah, blah and she'll go crazy."

Most guys are intelligent enough to know that any success stemming from such methods is purely a result of having the confidence (or balls) to perform it. Realistically, you need more than confidence to execute seduction perfectly.


Sex = Perception + Opportunity

If you are already getting the amount of sex you want then by law you are meeting the requirements.

If you don't understand what that means, that's not a problem. It will be explained in great detail later.

Here's a quick story that is true.

About six years ago I became the number one salesman for a company. The top executives became so impressed with the sales records I was breaking that they made special trips to see me. When asked what I saying to the customers, I told them: "...nothing special. I just focus on getting the customer to realize that it makes sense (perception) to buy what I am offering and then finding out if they have the money to buy or the time to buy (opportunity)."

Even though that response didn't impress them, it was simple and very effective. In the seduction world the same rules apply.

The opportunity to allow sex to take place must be there. And she must perceive you as a person that is sexually desirable.

Before we look at getting that "lust-generating" perception -- which can be a very exciting process -- let's look at what it means to have an opportunity.
In simple terms, if you want to have sex with a female but there is no place to do it, then that means you don't have an opportunity to have sex with her.

You would think that this is obvious, but many guys get rejected for sex because they have no opportunity when they initiate (ask for) sex.

For example a guy initiates sex with his "neat-freak" female companion even though his room/apartment is messy. He has no idea that an opportunity to have sex doesn't exist. An opportunity is simply a place, convenient time, suitable mindset, to have sex.

The reason why this seemingly obvious part of this simple equation is being spotlighted is because there are millions and millions of guys out there that aren't having sex just because they lack the opportunity. They haven't created an opportunity.

Just because you are willing (or you think there is an opportunity) doesn't mean that your partner is willing under the same conditions.

So as you can see, it is super simple to focus on finding out what her obstacles are so that you can remove them. And as a result, you will lengthen your opportunities to have sex - which is simply the potential to have sex.

Many guys have no concept of her personal distractions - the things that make her incapable of having sex. She may want to have sex with you, but she may not want to have sex in a messy room (for example). She may be desiring sex or at a minimum open to the idea one second, but not open to the idea of having sex a little bit later on when she is tired.

To maximize your opportunities, you need to REMOVE the obstacles that turn her off and then ADD the things that turn her on.

For example:

It would be good to initiate sex in a clean room.

It would be better to initiate sex in a clean room with candles or music playing (or whatever turns her on)

This seems painfully obvious.

But if you are not getting the amount of sex you want from her you are probably not satisfying the "opportunity" part of the formula on some scale.

Chances are she has told you to either: dress up, find a babysitter, play music, decorate the room, buy handcuffs, blah blah blah. These are things that create and maximize your opportunity.

If she is tired all the time, then a $5 bottle of vitamins could do the trick. Attack the problem. Create the opportunity.

Now that I have exhausted you with the "opportunity" portion I will now charge you up as we dive into the perception part of the equation. Being able to control her perceptions is undoubtedly exciting.

It's pure 100% fun.

And all it requires is that you get her to have the perception that you are sexually desirable. Your goal isn't to be the sexiest man on the planet. You just need to be sexually desirable to the female you want to have sex with at that time.

If you hate/despise yourself with a soul-blackening passion, that has nothing to do with this simple seduction formula. As long as she perceives you as sexually desirable she will be willing to have sex with you.

If she has that magical perception, then it doesn't matter if you think 99% of women would rather be gang-raped by a tribe of trolls than to have thoughts of having sex with you.

It's that simple.

And no I'm not referring to the evil sexually acts of trolls, I am talking about capturing and winning her perception.

You don't need long scripts.
You don't need to hypnotize her.
You don't even have to engage her imagination on a deep level.

When you think about the purpose (the bottom line) of doing the things that were just mentioned (and I'm not against them), then you will quickly have no choice but to realize that it is really about getting her to that point where she thinks (internalizes thoughts) that you are sexually desirable.

If you went up to a random female and you blurted out to her something bizarre like: "I don't like you. You are a dumb female." then in about 1.5 seconds she is going to get the perception that you are an asshole. Right?

I don't recommend doing this. But seriously, in a short among of time she is going to get an instant perception of you.

And even though it wasn't a favorable one, it still was an instant perception.
It may be that you are childish, rude or weird, but either way she will get an instant perception of you.

Did you have to use any complicated language patterns to get her to feel this way? Was it necessary to put her into a deep trance in order for her to get the impression that you are rude jerk?


The same works for getting her to feel that you are sexually desirable.
Chances are she has told you what those ingredients are.

Your job is to keep increasing the intensity of the perception until it reaches the
maximum level.

And we'll refer to this level as the Rock Star Level.
Because all a Rock Star has to do is point to the bed and she'll jump on it shaking with desire with her panties dripping wet.

When these guys take a woman back stage, they don't have to use hypnotic scripts or NLP.

If you are trying to maximize the intensity of her sexual "perception" of you, then you are striving to reach this level (The Rock Star). Let's examine the elements/ingredients of the Rock Star and see why he has so much Sexual Value.

1. He is adored by many (high demand = high value)
2. He is scarce/rare (hard to get)

The main reason why women go crazy over the Rock Star is because all the other women want him plus he isn't easily accessible. A lot of his value comes from the fact that he is out of reach.

So if a female ever gets an opportunity to have sex with the Rock Star (and they are under the assumption that most women could not be with him even if they wanted to) they melt!

They lose control.

So in your world, all you need is for your woman to get the "combination of elements" that get you the right perception.

Peace Love & Happiness
CR James
Author of Super Sex Power: Magnetism

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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Destroy the Nice Guy and Become a Master of Seduction

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The nice guy finishes last. Find out how to not be him.

Nice guys finish last!

How many times have you heard that expression?

While you're probably sick and tired of hearing this expression, there is a lot of validity to it. When it comes to the dating game, nice guys have a tendency to be pushed around and used by women.

The problem is when you act like a nice guy and get used by women, it's not their fault. In fact it’s YOUR fault.

By acting like a nice guy, you're displaying many characteristics which are undesirable to women. Primarily your nice guy routine is a selfish act in disguise.

Here's why…

When you're acting like a nice guy, you're probably subconsciously thinking you'll "get rewarded" for your good deeds. In a way, it's a selfish thought pattern because you think any woman you do nice things for should return the favor in the form of physical contact and sex.

Now instead of trying to be a nice guy, you should work hard to eliminate this behavior and focus on becoming a sexually desirable man. By doing this, you can learn to attract women through your personality, not from being a provider of favors.

Here are three ways you can get started:

The first step is to stop acting like a goody-goody friend to every woman you meet.

If you act like a woman's friends, you'll be become that- her FRIEND. The one truth to dating is your "girl friend" will never become your "girlfriend".

In other words, your "girl friends" will have fun with you and will let you do favors for them, but will always look elsewhere when it comes time for romance.

In order to stop being a nice guy, you have to eliminate the instinct to act like a woman's buddy when you first meet them. Instead you should act like a sexual confident male who doesn't kiss a girl's butt just to get attention.

Don't be afraid to let a woman know that you want to date her. If she is uncomfortable with it then you shouldn't afraid to move on.

The next way to eliminate the nice guy persona is to act a man.

When you learn how to act like a confident male, you'll become a guy who women WANT to date. Unlike the nice guy, you shouldn't be someone who looks for social acceptance in his actions. This means becoming an alpha male with a strong personality.

So try to cultivate these personality traits into your life:

• Showing confidence in all your actions

• Displaying integrity with the people you know

• Sticking to your word and your promises

• Being an exciting and interesting person

• Having charisma

The good news is all these characteristics can be easily learned. As long as you can build up these characteristics, you'll become an alpha male status man who is able to attract women.

The final way to ditch the nice guy attitude is to practice and date different women.

While I'm not a proponent of using women, you can quickly become a confident man by dating multiple women. By doing this, you'll become a sexual confident guy who won't need to do favors for women to generate their attention.

By dating different women, you'll discover what you want from a woman, and you'll start to develop a firm idea of what you're looking for in your ideal partner. If a woman doesn't live up to your standards you won't be afraid to let her go.

The end result is you should focus on becoming a guy who is confident around women, yet doesn't feel the need to "buy their attention". If you learn how to act like an alpha male, you'll stop the "door mat" and will become a guy who women WANT to date.

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Finding Out The Truth About Human Pheromones!

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Guys, want to enhance your chances of having sex? Unless you've got Brad Pitt type looks and a bank balance to match, then attracting the opposite sex for most of us takes a little work.

Human pheromones are gaining popularity at an ever increasing rate but before you whip out the credit card and buy the first pheromone spray, perfume or oil you come across let me give you a few tips on what you should be looking for.

Do Human Pheromones Actually Exist?

The amazing thing about the whole human pheromone debate is nothing has been established to either kill or completely confirm their existance. Countless trials have been conducted since the early 1970's and it wasn't until Dr. Winifred Cutler started experimenting with pheromone-based additives in perfumes and sprays and reported interesting levels of success that people really started to take notice.

Since then, and particularly during the last decade, it has spawned a rash of companies marketing pheromone-based products as a sure-fire way of attracting the opposite sex and also same sex. But many still ask... do pheromones work!

Human Pheromones - The Practical vs. Theory

Will they get you laid? No, not on their own they won't! You see, going out and spending anything up to $100 on a pheromone product, slapping it on and heading for your local nightclub and expecting to score without doing a little work will leave you disappointed - most of the time.

You would be better off standing in the middle of the club with a placard that reads... "Hey Girls, Look! I'm wearing Human Pheromones. Don't All Rush Me At The Same Time!"

However, as a ground-breaker, then there is evidence to suggest you'll get noticed. So okay, you get noticed, then what? This is what I mean about needing to do a little work. As a conversation starter they're great. Now it's up to you to hone your conversational skills and do your thing. If you just stand there hoping her eyes turn red with mad passion and then jumps you there and then on the spot, you'd better settle in for a long night... on your own!

Buying Human Pheromone-Based Products

Remember, you can't smell pheromones. As an additive to a perfume or fragrance-based product it's the fragrance in the bottle which you can smell. Products come in all shapes and sizes including sprays, oils and in many cases, you can purchase concentrated pheromones to add to your favorite cologne.

Here's what you do when shopping for products. Stick with those companies who manufacture in-house. They've conducted and continue to conduct research on human pheromones and are serious about staying in business and developing a relationship with you. In many cases, there is a newsletter you can sign up for and remember to check if there is a contact number you can use for customer support when you need it.

Pheromone Confidence

There is a school of thought around at the moment that it's the confidence knowing you are wearing pheromones which is the attraction. I can't argue with that. Ask yourself, would you be more attracted to someone exuding confidence and personality over someone who isn't? Makes you think, doesn't it?

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The 5 Explosive Techniques for Increasing Your Sexual Performance

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I'm going to be honest with you...

Women LOVE to judge men based on their performance in the bedroom. That means if you're only lasting a few minutes during each sex session, then you've failing to please your woman.

When this happens, she could start looking for 'greener pastures'!

That's why sexual performance is KEY element to a healthy relationship. In fact, an inability to please a woman in the bedroom could have a disastrous result.

Now if your sexual skills are lacking or you're looking to learn some new techniques, then I urge you to use these five proven bedroom tricks. The more you apply these techniques, the crazier she'll get during your next sex session.

Technique #1- Remain in a relaxed state

Being a relaxed state is the MOST important element to sex. If you're full of nervousness or anxiety about your performance, then there is very little chance you can improve on your success.

Bottom line is you can be wrapped up in what could go wrong. Instead trying building a positive attitude about how much fun you're about to have.

To be successful in the bedroom, you can't preoccupy yourself with what could go wrong. This will just lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy where you're turning her off with all your anxiety.

Technique #2- Initiate all sexual encounters with foreplay

If you want to be great at sex, you shouldn't worry about your own pleasure. Instead you try focusing on giving pleasure to your woman. By ensuring she's having a good time, you won't be preoccupied about your performance.

If you're only concerned with her please you'll become a master of foreplay.

In addition, by concentrating on her needs during foreplay, you'll build up intensity and emotion which will ultimately culminate in the full-blown sexual experience.

Technique #3- Give her oral pleasure

If can perfect your oral sex technique then it won't matter what you do afterwards. Any guy who is good at giving women oral pleasure will be able to push "all her buttons" and give her explosive orgasms.

I personally think oral sex is great for guys who experiencing stamina problems. So even if you're unsure of how to do it, try learning as much as you can about proper techniques.

Technique #4- Start teasing her

Towards the end of your oral sex you want to initiate sex contact. The best technique for doing this is to initiate sex then pull back at the last second. You want to do this at least 10-15 times.

After awhile, you'll literally drive her crazy with desire.

Trust me, my friend, this one technique alone can produce an incredible sex session.

Technique #5- Vary your pace

Finally when you stop teasing and initiate sex, you should try varying your speed. What you could do is alternate between going really slow and extremely fast. Then judge her reactions. After awhile, your woman will be climbing up the walls.

Your sexual performance is a crucial element to a fulfilling relationship with a woman. If you pay attention to these five techniques, you can easily become the greatest lover she's ever had in her lifetime!

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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Remember the old adage, you are what you eat? The simplest magical ritual that you can do is to cut open a fruit or vegetable and eat it while thinking of your magical intention. Below is a compilation of common foods and their metaphysical associations.

Apple: Draws a lover, erotic experiences to you. Increases attraction. Apple compote with cinnamon is thought to speed up the arrival of a lover to you or encourage a reluctant lover to make a cerebral relationship physical.

Apricot: For flirtation or light hearted romantic experience.

Avocado: To make yourself appear younger to others or increase personal beauty or attractiveness. Avocado is the love apple of Venus.

Banana: Eaten by males - increases fertility and heroism. Eaten by females - draws a lover.

Beets: Increases virility, passion, erotica and fertility. It is a root so it grounds a relationship and binds the lover to you.

Blueberry: To eliminate obstacles or rivals that may come between you. As you swallow each blueberry, imagine the things that come between you falling away or disappearing.

Butter: To eliminate hostility and arguments. While smoothing it on a piece of bread, hopefully with a little honey too, think of things smoothing out.

Cardamom: This herb is thought to amplify a love that is already there or strengthen existing
relationships. Drink a cup of Chai tea with cardamom in it for this purpose.

Carrot: Helps bring masculine energies to a woman. For a man strengthens virility.

Celery: Increases libido and passion. Encourages reluctant lovers to take action.

Cherry: Eat for love, health and to boost sexual attraction.

Chocolate: An aphrodisiac. Lifts moods and attracts sensual experiences. Binds lovers.

Clove: Add clove to curry dishes, baked dishes and hot chocolate for fun, love and erotic experiences. This is also the bud of stolen kisses so it is good for mistresses to spike their lover's meals with it.

Coriander: Add to curries and salads to attract your soulmate. It represents a high spiritual love combined with wisdom.

Cucumber: Eaten for sexual stamina, beautiful skin. Chop with extreme prejudice if you are into revenge on a certain philandering male.

Eggs: An ancient symbol of conception: Eat for fertility and fidelity.

Garlic: Eat to banish the "other woman" or a rival who may be in the way.

Grapes: Grapes are a symbol of a happy marriage and many children. Eat to increase fertility and emotional security. Can also be used to increase your popularity with opposite sex. As you eat each grape, picture another lover coming your way K known or unknown. Red grapes are best for this purpose.

Guava: Relieves heartbreak, attracts new romance, revives the erotic imagination.

Honey: The nectar of the Gods. Sweetens up a relationship. Attracts positive love and attention.

Lemon: Marriage, joy, fidelity, pure intentions and longevity in a relationship.

Mushrooms: Eat raw to make yourself beautiful and increase your feminine mystique.
Orange: Health, fidelity, love and joy.

Peanut: Crack these open from the shell and attract more male energy into your life.

Peas: Used to attract love, positive Goddess energy into life.

Pineapple: To attract a wealthy lover.

Pomegranate: For fertility, erotic imagination, a long line of descendants. Also eaten sometimes to attract numerous partners or a wealthy partner.

Popcorn: For popularity and fun. As each corn pops in the microwave, picture another positive romantic event.

Pork: Eaten for fertility.

Quince: Are traditionally eaten for happiness between lovers.

Raspberry: For sexual stamina and amplifying love that is there.

Sweet Relish: For enhancing sexual passion.

Rice: For childbearing and fertility.

Sausage: To bring kinky sexual partners to you, a variety of partners or social excitement.

Strawberry: To attract a lover, to increase sexual intensity and stamina of a lover. To make a lover think of you eat a strawberry every day.

Sweet Potato: To attract a well grounded, emotional secure, gentle wise love.

Maple Syrup: To assure a positive "first meeting" or that a blind date goes well.

Tomato: The original "love apple". Eat to attract a partner or increase the love that is already there.

Tangerine: Health, fidelity, flirtation, love, joy and childlike qualities. Banishes heaviness.

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I Stumbled Upon This Trick By Accident

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Say you approach a girl and start chatting her up. Her name is Lindsy.

After you talk to Lindsy for at least 30 seconds or so (could be longer though), say something along the lines of:

"Most girls I've known named Lindsy aren't very nice. I'm glad you seem nice. You seem like an exception."

Say this even if she doesn't seem very nice yet (unless she's a total b*tch). She'll try to redeem the "Lindsy name" by making more of an effort to be nice to you.

I recently stumbled across this trick by accident. I was talking toa girl named Lindsy in one of my classes, who was kind of ignoring me and not making any effort in the convo.

About a minute into the convo I asked for her name -- Lindsy. I made the comment that most girls named Lindsy aren't nice because in my experience this has been true. But I called her nice just to compliment her, hoping to make her a bit more friendly.

It obviously worked because ever since that she's been MUCH more friendly. She also brings up that comment often as if she's trying to prove how nice she is!

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