Top Dating Post For Year 2007

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For your easily navigate through my dating blog, this post is made. This is my old dating post for year 2007 (when I started blogging). I hope this help you a lot to find the most favorite post in my dating blog. I know this maybe a late post for year 2007, because today is already 27th March. ;) Better late than never. Remember, only read the post in 2 days, never read all the post in just 1 day. This will make you tired. After read the Part1, try and feel it on your real life and relationship. After that, read Part 2 and so on. Rules applied to all part. Enjoy the post! And happy DATING.

Read this in 2 days (Part 1):

    1. where to take women on dates
    2. why women reject men and what to do about it
    3. the handshake
    4. don't let bad phone skills ruin her impression of you
    5. pick up women in a nightclub
    6. keeping your self respect with women
    7. 7 habits of highly successful dating
    8. making her salivate for you
    9. how to tell if she's interested
    10. understanding body language

Read this also in 2 days (Part 2):
    1. 8 types of guys women avoid
    2. flirt and making acquaintance
    3. calling her via telephone
    4. mastering your conversational skills with women
    5. the art of seduction
    6. how to seduce single women using romantic lighting
    7. getting started with online dating
    8. 5 tips for beginners, guide to online dating
    9. how to flirt with girls the right way
    10. how to flirt online
to be continued in 3-4 days! (sorry, I'm quite busy with my project - 100 Blog)

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