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What is Dating and how can you start dating as soon as possible? Dating is actually a new concept. If you look back to earlier eras of human civilization, most men and women settled for one of the first (if not the only person) they had sex with. These days, it's morally 'okay' for women to get in and out of dating relationships right into their 30s. Same goes for men. In fact, a lot of married people that I know encourage my dating lifestyle saying,

"Ahh, you should enjoy dating now…you're still young...there's no need to get married yet."

In the past, an unmarried guy at 30+ years old was considered unlucky or weird. However, thanks to the new concept of dating – men and women are free to date & fall in love with plenty of people - before eventually deciding on one.

Whether you are looking into dating because you want to get married, or because you want to date lots of women.

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