How to Seduce Single Women Using Romantic Lighting

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Is your house or apartment romance ready for seducing single women by using seductive lighting? Let me explain what I mean:

When you have a girl come over to your place you need to make sure that it is romantically ready with seductive and soft lighting. To make sure your place has seductive lighting, take these steps:

Replace all your 100 and 75 watt light bulbs with soft 40 watt bulbs. Those bright 100 watt bulbs will tend to make your date feel more tense. You want just the opposite effect in making her feel relaxed and receptive to your romantic advances towards her.

If possible, replace all your light switches with dimmer switches. This gives you the ultimate control of creating a soft and romantic atmosphere for seducing your date.

Of course, the ultimate lighting for romance, is a roaring fireplace. If you have one, always use it! Even in the summer - just lower the thermostat on your A/C. What I buy is the artificial logs. They make a nice romantic fire quickly.

Last but not least, is the ever popular way of creating romance is with the use of candles. Trust me guys, women love candlelight and it's a great way to get them turned on and ready for intimacy.


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