Calling her via Telephone

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When you have the telephone number of the girl and want to call her for the first time there are some things to consider:

  • Don't call her too soon. This could scare her away.
  • Call her 2 to 4 days after you met her. These are reasonable numbers but you can try different ones. You could even tell her when you will call her in the very moment when she tells you the telephone number. Stick to your word then!
  • If you get her answering machine then you can leave a message saying WHEN you call her back.
  • Have a plan of what to say. A blank head and stuttering give the wrong impression.
  • Turn off any TV set or any music.
  • Do a little bit of small talk
  • After a conversational flow is established offer to meet her.
  • Try to find out whether she is really your type.
  • make a few suggestions where you could go together, but don't force her to a specific place and don't criticize her if she doesn't want to go there.
    A few places where you can go on the first date:
    • Cinema/Movies
    • Bowling, ice-skating
    • Restaurant/Coffee shop
    • Something special (Circus, theatre, local events)
Source: 100DatingTips

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