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You might not be the best looking guy (heck, most of us aren’t), and you might not have youth on your side, but there’s an effective way to make up for your less-than-perfect looks - and that’s dressing right.

99% of guys I see, I’m not impressed. Most guys look disheveled. But even the guys that look put together, they’re dressed in the most boring fashion. They may be dressed neatly, but dressed to conform, to not be noticed, to blend into the background.

So just by dressing in the right way, I can get a solid advantage over the other guys out there in attracting women.

But some guys enthusiastically move to the opposite extreme, “peacocking” themselves in a sort of three ring circus manner, complete with colored fingernails, PVC tight pants, charm lockets hanging around their necks, or digital electronic signs flashing on their chests. This will certainly get you lots of attention, and more power to you for going all out.

But I’m going to share some of my own dressing techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd as an intriguing and sexy dresser, yet allow you to feel comfortable with they way you’re dressed.

And I bet you can’t guess what my first best advice for dressing is…

My first favorite tip is to wear boots. I love boots because they make you look taller. I always look for and use boots with a two inch heel. After all, you have every advantage in appearing taller to women. A tall man can overcome lousy looks. But whether you’re tall or short, every inch counts.

I also look for interesting boots that stand out and look unique. For instance, I have a pair of fake-leather iguana cowboy boots. When I’m out on the town in South Florida here, I’m the ONLY guy wearing cowboy boots. I get opened by women on a regular basis on those boots because they’re so unique. The cost? $60 dollars.

I’ve also got a pair of black leather cowboy boots with red flames spreading from the toe up the length of the boot. They’re more colorful, and I get even more comments on them- just about every other time I wear them I get stopped by a woman about those fire boots. I’ve even been stopped by men asking wear they can get a pair. Cost? Well, they’re made of real leather and imported from Europe, so kind of expensive- $200 dollars, but worth the price.

Then I’ve got my standard black boots. These boots give weight to my feet, give me two extra inches of height, and have silver metal decorations on the toe that catch the light. I don’t get stopped on the street about these ones, but they’re good all general purpose boots for any day or nighttime occasion and go with any outfit. Cost? About $70 dollars.

Another dress item that works wonders is hats. I have two hats in particular that I really love. One is a dark tan straw cowboy hat, (sort of looks like the one Crocodile Dundee wears). Girls love that hat. They grab it off my head and try it on. It also adds about 3 more inches to my height. Between the boots and the hat, I go from about 6 feet to 6 feet 5 inches, which makes a huge difference in my physical presence. Cost? $36 dollars.

I’ve also got a more casual “baseball cap”. Except this cap has a skull and flames sewn into the front against a blue background. The colors catch the eye immediately, draw women’s eyes to my face, and the skull and flames convey danger and adventure and the sexy rebel. Cost? I found it at Ross on a total fluke for $3.99.

As for shirts, throw out everything you got from Macy’s, JC Penney, and Walmart. These stores are selling cheap volume to the bored and uninspired masses. You will not find one shirt in those stores that will make you truly shine.

It’s hard to describe my favorite shirts, so I’ll just tell you where to find them. I’ve found a few of my best shirts in South Beach, which is full of specialty clothing stores. I’ve found some good shirts on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California as well as Hollywood, Florida and North Miami Beach.

All of my shirts have a dramatic design with a high color contrast between the shirt’s base color and the design’s color. For instance, I have a bright white button-down shirt with a bold, jet-black design splashed across the chest. The contrast between the snow white and the jet black really grabs the eye.

Expect to pay $60 to $140 for a good shirt. You can usually bargain down in speciality clothing stores 10% to 20%. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s a lot less expensive than a fancy car and you’ll get far more positive attention from women with the right shirt.

When I dress like everyone else, I almost never get eye contact with women. When I’m dressed, I get eye contact from women constantly. And I feel sexy and confident from the validation- it feeds your ego and makes you daring. My clothes make a HUGE difference in my game.

Now what happens when a woman compliments you about something that you’re wearing?

If you’re dressed right, it’s going to happen on a regular basis, so you need to be prepared for it. Usually the woman will say something like, “Hey, nice boots!” or “Wow, I love your shirt.”

What I first do is acknowledge their compliment with a “thanks” and a big smile, which is a conveyance of nonverbal sexual cues… my voice and my smile.

Next, I’ll open them on a completely different topic, like an opinion opener or I’ll use a statement like, “Wow, you’re so cool…” I’ll say in a playful, exaggerated manner. “I love you!” and then I’ll hug her. Then I’ll switch topics completely.

So those are just some tips to look smashing without going the circus sideshow route. Just whatever you do, don’t dress like everyone else, don’t dress in “safe” clothing from the departments store, designed primarily to put people to sleep.

And yes, you’ll have to invest a little money, but it will be one of the best investments you ever make. Just think how much TIME you’ll waste if you’re not dressed right, and you’re time is worth money too.

So we’ve talked a lot about your externals, but what about your INTERNALS? That’s what my Deep Inner Game Program is all about – reprogramming you from the inside out so that you feel just as good on the INSIDE as you’ll look on the outside.

Deep Inner Game is broken into 5 CDs, each dealing with a different aspect of your development- your confidence, your sexuality, your playfulness, your ability to connect, and your smoothness and flow.

BOTH outer preparation and INNER preparation are necessary components for your ultimate success with women. Get started on building that wardrobe and check out The Deep Inner Game Program right now. Together, you’ll experience some amazing results.

Until later,


Click here to learn how to quickly and easily seduce the women of your dreams... Get The Seduction Science System now

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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