The 5 Explosive Techniques for Increasing Your Sexual Performance

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I'm going to be honest with you...

Women LOVE to judge men based on their performance in the bedroom. That means if you're only lasting a few minutes during each sex session, then you've failing to please your woman.

When this happens, she could start looking for 'greener pastures'!

That's why sexual performance is KEY element to a healthy relationship. In fact, an inability to please a woman in the bedroom could have a disastrous result.

Now if your sexual skills are lacking or you're looking to learn some new techniques, then I urge you to use these five proven bedroom tricks. The more you apply these techniques, the crazier she'll get during your next sex session.

Technique #1- Remain in a relaxed state

Being a relaxed state is the MOST important element to sex. If you're full of nervousness or anxiety about your performance, then there is very little chance you can improve on your success.

Bottom line is you can be wrapped up in what could go wrong. Instead trying building a positive attitude about how much fun you're about to have.

To be successful in the bedroom, you can't preoccupy yourself with what could go wrong. This will just lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy where you're turning her off with all your anxiety.

Technique #2- Initiate all sexual encounters with foreplay

If you want to be great at sex, you shouldn't worry about your own pleasure. Instead you try focusing on giving pleasure to your woman. By ensuring she's having a good time, you won't be preoccupied about your performance.

If you're only concerned with her please you'll become a master of foreplay.

In addition, by concentrating on her needs during foreplay, you'll build up intensity and emotion which will ultimately culminate in the full-blown sexual experience.

Technique #3- Give her oral pleasure

If can perfect your oral sex technique then it won't matter what you do afterwards. Any guy who is good at giving women oral pleasure will be able to push "all her buttons" and give her explosive orgasms.

I personally think oral sex is great for guys who experiencing stamina problems. So even if you're unsure of how to do it, try learning as much as you can about proper techniques.

Technique #4- Start teasing her

Towards the end of your oral sex you want to initiate sex contact. The best technique for doing this is to initiate sex then pull back at the last second. You want to do this at least 10-15 times.

After awhile, you'll literally drive her crazy with desire.

Trust me, my friend, this one technique alone can produce an incredible sex session.

Technique #5- Vary your pace

Finally when you stop teasing and initiate sex, you should try varying your speed. What you could do is alternate between going really slow and extremely fast. Then judge her reactions. After awhile, your woman will be climbing up the walls.

Your sexual performance is a crucial element to a fulfilling relationship with a woman. If you pay attention to these five techniques, you can easily become the greatest lover she's ever had in her lifetime!

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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