Destroy the Nice Guy and Become a Master of Seduction

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The nice guy finishes last. Find out how to not be him.

Nice guys finish last!

How many times have you heard that expression?

While you're probably sick and tired of hearing this expression, there is a lot of validity to it. When it comes to the dating game, nice guys have a tendency to be pushed around and used by women.

The problem is when you act like a nice guy and get used by women, it's not their fault. In fact it’s YOUR fault.

By acting like a nice guy, you're displaying many characteristics which are undesirable to women. Primarily your nice guy routine is a selfish act in disguise.

Here's why…

When you're acting like a nice guy, you're probably subconsciously thinking you'll "get rewarded" for your good deeds. In a way, it's a selfish thought pattern because you think any woman you do nice things for should return the favor in the form of physical contact and sex.

Now instead of trying to be a nice guy, you should work hard to eliminate this behavior and focus on becoming a sexually desirable man. By doing this, you can learn to attract women through your personality, not from being a provider of favors.

Here are three ways you can get started:

The first step is to stop acting like a goody-goody friend to every woman you meet.

If you act like a woman's friends, you'll be become that- her FRIEND. The one truth to dating is your "girl friend" will never become your "girlfriend".

In other words, your "girl friends" will have fun with you and will let you do favors for them, but will always look elsewhere when it comes time for romance.

In order to stop being a nice guy, you have to eliminate the instinct to act like a woman's buddy when you first meet them. Instead you should act like a sexual confident male who doesn't kiss a girl's butt just to get attention.

Don't be afraid to let a woman know that you want to date her. If she is uncomfortable with it then you shouldn't afraid to move on.

The next way to eliminate the nice guy persona is to act a man.

When you learn how to act like a confident male, you'll become a guy who women WANT to date. Unlike the nice guy, you shouldn't be someone who looks for social acceptance in his actions. This means becoming an alpha male with a strong personality.

So try to cultivate these personality traits into your life:

• Showing confidence in all your actions

• Displaying integrity with the people you know

• Sticking to your word and your promises

• Being an exciting and interesting person

• Having charisma

The good news is all these characteristics can be easily learned. As long as you can build up these characteristics, you'll become an alpha male status man who is able to attract women.

The final way to ditch the nice guy attitude is to practice and date different women.

While I'm not a proponent of using women, you can quickly become a confident man by dating multiple women. By doing this, you'll become a sexual confident guy who won't need to do favors for women to generate their attention.

By dating different women, you'll discover what you want from a woman, and you'll start to develop a firm idea of what you're looking for in your ideal partner. If a woman doesn't live up to your standards you won't be afraid to let her go.

The end result is you should focus on becoming a guy who is confident around women, yet doesn't feel the need to "buy their attention". If you learn how to act like an alpha male, you'll stop the "door mat" and will become a guy who women WANT to date.

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