People Show Us Who They Are Within the First Few Minutes of Meeting Them

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What do you do when your husband cheats on you with your best friend? I never thought this would ever happen to anyone I knew. Actually, I never thought this kind of thing happened to anyone. My best friend Gina, myself and Alice were childhood best friends. We did everything together. We even all went to the same college. When Gina met Roger on campus, it was love at first sight. They seemed like the perfect match and had everything in common.

I could sense that Alice had a lot of envy towards Roger and Gina for being the perfect couple. I couldn't understand Alice's barbed comments directed at Gina behind her back. But then again, I always had a deep mistrust for Alice. I ignored her catty comments, but always made a mental note to keep her at arm's length distance. On Valentine's Day, Roger proposed to Gina at the most exclusive restaurant in New York City. Gina was elated. Roger's parents were well-to-do, and he bought her an engagement ring to the tune of $40,000.00. Needless to say, Alice was beside herself with jealousy. She didn't bother to conceal her jealousy either. Roger and Gina were married 2 years later.......

One weekend, the four of us booked a weekend trip at a Club Getaway sort of deal, and after a night of partying and drinking, myself, Gina, Roger and Alice decided to call it a night. In the middle of the night Gina and I heard noises. We got out of bed and listened closely. It was Roger cheating on Gina with Alice. Gina burst open the door and had a stunned look on her face. I wanted to die. Needless to say, Alice lost a best friend, Roger lost his wife, Gina lost her heart, and I was stuck in the middle.

What do you do when your best friend sleeps with your husband? I know this is hindsight, but, I believe people tell us who they are when we first meet them. I never trusted Alice. To me, Alice always came across as competitive, manipulative and jealous, even as children. Gina always brushed off Alice's jealous comments about other women and flirting with other people's boyfriends. I didn't. To me, I knew that if Alice could be so blatant about flirting with someone else's boyfriend, she was capable of doing anything - even to her own friends. She proved me right.

As for Roger, he showed us (Alice included) who he was way before they got married. Roger was extremely handsome and charismatic. Lots of women flirted with him and he gladly reciprocated - even in front of Gina. I always told Gina that his behavior was not only disrespectful, but insensitive and hurtful. Gina, as always, brushed it off as him "just being himself". Well, I guess you could say that Gina was right. Roger was being "himself" and Alice was "being herself." It's too bad Gina wouldn't believe what they were telling her through their behaviors.

The moral of the story? People tell you who they are within the first few minutes of meeting them. Had Gina paid close attention to Alice's behavior and Roger's behavior instead of trivializing their behaviors, she would have been spared the heartbreak, hurt, and humiliation.

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People Show Us Who They Are Within the First Few Minutes of Meeting Them

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