How To Win A Friend In Ten Days

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While walking on the street, we sometimes find a penny, food, ads and so much more. But it is rare to find a friend on streets. We thought that it is easy to befriend somebody with just offering a hand or by saying hi and asking their names.

When we do that kind of thing, we are sometimes snubbed, slapped in the face, and the hurtful thing is, we are ignored. It's so painful that our good deeds are misunderstood as foolish and sometimes we are treated like thieves. But don't you think that in our generation today, we can already win a friend; a true friend, in ten days?

With these tips that I'm going to give you you'll be amazed. You may say that it's crazy and ridiculous but it's fun and enjoyable and you will really say, THIS IS IT!!! These crazy yet fun tips are and should be done in a place with countless people.

On your first day
, just simply walk on streets, sidewalks, or anywhere where you can find countless people walking around or even people who are doing something. Observe how these people talk or communicate or interact with other people.

On your second day
, it's where the tapping happens. Just tap anyone who's in front of you and go on his/her right side right after tapping. For sure, that person will look behind and see who's there. The sign that he/she is not mad of what you did, he/she will smile obviously.

On the third day of your search for a friend, on that same place, give someone a hug. And after that crazy hug, run as fast as you can to make sure that he/she is not running after you. :)

Fourth day
will be great because you will do something stupid. You will act like a beggar. And find out if there is someone or somebody who'll gonna say, "whoa, you don't look like a beggar"

On the fifth day of adventure, talk to someone as if you know him/her. Talk professionally.

On your sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth day
, do the same thing of what you did from day one to day five.

Now, the time has come. The tenth day of your searching has come. As you go back on that same place, you don't know that someone is observing from the very beginning. It's crazy that you're the answer to your searching. That person who observed your acts from the start is your price..ha..that's really crazy dude. Hee hee...hope you like it.

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How To Win A Friend In Ten Days

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