Do You Feel Like Your Only Friends Are On The Computer?

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Do you go to work and have your "public face" but then come home to an empty place? Do you find the only friends you have are on the computer? Do you feel lonely and wish you could change that?

Sometimes we don't see our own part in creating the very situation we don't want, but fortunately, when we finally do see it, we have the power to change our situation.

When we're lonely, the people who are around us seem like strangers and we may not feel drawn to any of them. Ironically, we don't go out and do things where we might meet people, because there is no one to go with. There may be people already near who have been trying to get to know us and feel we aren't letting them. We may think they're too geeky, too unattractive, too dull, and too different from us to be of interest to us, so we haven't been them a chance. But by altering a few of our habits and assumptions, we can start building wonderful relationships and in time, not feel alone....

Start by allowing others to get to know you, even if at first you don't have much interest in them. People can be quite surprising and some of the most amazing people don't look like much on first impression. Remember that most relationships need time to develop, especially the best ones. Even if you take a chance on someone and decide you don't like them after all, they may introduce you to someone you do like.

It's also a good idea to dust off your address book and make an effort to keep in touch with people you used to know, particularly if they live or work nearby. Perhaps like you, they just got busy or drifted away, but would welcome hearing from you. Because you already know these people, you are that much closer to developing good friendships.

It's also good to get away from your computer and go out and get involved in activities where you'll meet people in person. You could join a sport, volunteer, join a club, or take a small class. Try different situations until you find a social group that you like. The effort is well worth it.

Learn to invite people over to your place, too. You don't have to make it a big deal. Invite them over to watch movies or television. Find someone or a few people with whom you can cook a meal together once a week or once a month. Ask someone to help you with a home improvement project, or offer your help to him or her. Start waving to and saying hello to your neighbors and talking to them.

You can have richer connections with people if you're willing to give up some of your present habits. Not every person you meet will become a close friend, and it will take time to build friendships of value, but if you give it a try, you'll find your life will be quite different in the future.

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Do You Feel Like Your Only Friends Are On The Computer?

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