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We know that online we have access to millions of eligible singles. Of course, we always want to increase our online results. There are simple, guaranteed ways to do this.

We want to "put our best foot forward". The best way to do this is with a very flattering photo. Make sure the quality is professional. Do not wear too much makeup or jewelry. The make up and jewelry is to "compliment" your appearance, not over shadow it!

Do not show too much "skin". The profile page is not the place for that. Trust me, you can be extremely sexy, and be covered at the same time!

You want to have an appropriate User Name. If you use a name that is crude, vulgar, and nasty? Those are the types of emails you will be getting. If that is what you want...ignore this tip and go for it!

I have seen profiles of people I found interesting, but their user name was such a turn off!

I couldn't seriously communicate with a grown man named "fuzzybunny"...maybe that is shallow of me...

I know people that use overtly sexy...actually to be honest they used down right "nasty" user names, and then they are totally appalled at the vulgar comments they received! I asked "what in the world did you expect?"

You can not increase your "positive" online results with a user name like "sex slave"!

If you can't come up with a creative name that says "Me", solicit input from family and friends.

Please keep these simple tips in mind and I have no doubt you will increase your online results.

Get started! It's time to get online and have a ball!

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Increase Your Online Results

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