Dating For Baby Boomers - 7 Tips On Introducing A New Man To Your Family

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Dating a new man should be exciting and fun. When you both have children from previous marriages, it can end up a disaster. Here are 7 tips on what to do before you get too involved with a new guy:....

* Talk to your children in advance and let them know you are starting to date. It is not good for this to be a surprise when you tell them you are dating someone new.

* Date your new man for a few weeks or even a couple of months before arranging for the children to meet. If you are not interested in this man seriously, it may be a waste of everyone's time for all of you to meet.

* When you do bring the two families together to meet for the first time, find a place that will be comfortable for everyone. It is best to avoid either of your homes or a small restaurant where people will be forced to sit close together. Instead, look for a place that has enough space for people to come and go as necessary. A large restaurant or a park is a much better choice.

* If one of the children does not want to go, do not force them. Tell them that you respect their feelings and then find somewhere safe for them to go during that time.

* Allow the introductions to unfold naturally. Let everyone have time to feel out the situation and decide for themselves what they think about the whole thing.

* When you get back home allow your family to be open and honest about the meeting. If they did not like someone or something that happened, encourage them to discuss it openly. If one of your children does not say anything, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. People need time to adjust to new situations.

* Let some time pass before getting everyone together again. If it is someone else's idea besides yours, that is a good thing.

These 7 tips will get you off to a good start if you are just starting to date a new man.

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Dating For Baby Boomers - 7 Tips On Introducing A New Man To Your Family

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