This Is Not The Dating Site For You

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By taking your time in the beginning, it shouldn't take too long before you know this is not the dating site for you!

First of all, it doesn't offer a free trial. Or if it does, it wants to secure your credit or debit card number before you can set up your profile.

From what I've learned, if your free trial isn't cancelled within the 14 day trial period your credit or debit card is billed for either a 30, 60, or 90 day membership.

Even though you tried to cancel, you never received a response. In order for them to refund your money, you will have to prove you tried to cancel. Good luck with this one...

During your free trial you notice your search options are very limited. If a dating site will not allow you to search by last log in date, age, height/build, religion, or occupation this is not the dating site for you. They are taking away your right to choose. You may be totally opposed to getting involved with someone within a certain occupation. By not being able to determine their occupation in advance, you are putting yourself into a position that will waste your time, and the time of others.

By not being able to search by last log in date, you will find yourself sending emails to members that haven't logged in, in months. But you have no way of knowing that. You will just assume they aren't even interested in you enough to respond to the initial email!

That can be hard on the ego!

Any site that will damage your ego is not the dating site for you! Go find the one for you...! Your choices are absolutely endless!

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This Is Not The Dating Site For You

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