Dating Over 40 Successfully - How To Get What You Want From Dating

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Are you still playing the field but want a monogamous relationship? With the number of divorced women over forty, you may think they don't want to be married, or they don't want monogamous, but the reality is they don't want demanding irrational relationships that don't last. And, SURPRISE, men over forty want the same thing.

Over forty relationships will be successful with mature, capable individuals who want to share life together and each have viable lives of their own. Are you ready for some solid sound advice on meeting your one and only over 40?

1. Be real

Nobody expects you to be perfect. You can actually have a few personality flaws, a belly, or a butt and your over 40 partner will not only accept you with it, but love you for it. If you're not perfect, they can be real too.

2. Don't compete

Who wants competition? What ever happened to just being comfortable within your own skin? Can you honestly say you want to compete with Barbie or Ken? If you're comfortable with who you are then your date can just relax and enjoy the evening without feeling the need to compete with who you want to be...

3. Know what you want

If you agree to a date with a city boy knowing nothing less than Farmer John Brown will satisfy you, you've got a problem from the beginning. Select people you have something in common with, but acknowledge that you don't have to be joined at the hip.

4. Accept independence

Find some mutual interests, but understand that you both have a past and you both have a future. Be willing to share the future but realize you can't and won't want to share everything. Accept the differences as benefits and appreciate your time alone or with friends too.

5. Quality

After you reach 40 you're allowed to expect quality from the person on the other side of the table. You should be able to carry a conversation, understand basic concepts, and comprehend current events. Intelligence and Values are part of the package, if you don't have them, you won't obtain them in the future.

6. Past

You both have a past, you have children, family, and friends, and you should be able to mutually share those without having to compete over whose family is better, or loves them more. You just have them, and you share them. Period.

7. Religion, Politics, and Sex

Yes, dear, these are topics of conversation and you're expected to participate as a mature adult with an opinion, not a temper tantrum. If you can't discuss these topics and keep a cool head, you might want to find out why and have that part of your anatomy surgically removed.

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Dating Over 40 Successfully - How To Get What You Want From Dating

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