You Can't Buy Love - You Need a Plan

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Sex? Sorry, go read something else. This article is about love and how to make sure it's the real thing. First rule is don't wait until you are financially successful to find a mate. If you wait, what you surely will find is someone who is madly in love, not with you, darling, but with your American Express Platinum card.

Unless you understand this grim reality, and unless you develop a game plan to deal with this reality, your future involves becoming a rabbit, a sitting duck, a target. Not true, you say? OK, maybe you will be the exception. Good luck. But, remember this, when having ignored what you read here, you get involved, walk down the aisle, and after five years of paying the AMEX, you're kissing goodbye to half your assets, agreeing to every other weekend with the baby, and quarreling over the dog. I repeat. What you need is a plan. And acceptance of reality......

Do you really believe that if you took the crown off Henry VIII's head that anyone of the 8 wives would have agreed to marry him? The richer you get, the more people love you. Add in power, and it's all hopeless. The best recipe to follow is this. Once you are out of the office, away from business:

+ Dress down.
+ Eschew all outward shows of wealth. Drive a modest car. Rent or borrow one if you have a Porsche.
+ Don't wear the designer clothes, fancy watches.
+ Find special interest groups which are of interest to you.

That last one is critical. Places like casinos, race tracks, cruises to Biarritz, glitzy bars, ski slopes and beaches are hunting grounds. Stay away from them.

Concentrate on something beyond yourself, of help to others, the world around you, or of special interest. Like what, you ask? Well, like bird watching or building a well in a third world country. Gold diggers don't do bird watching. They will be at that beach at Biarritz looking for a bank account to pay for pave diamond earrings or the Porsche. And the sad thing is these predators don't care who knows it.

They are unabashed, brazen hunters, preying on rich and lonely people.Don't let it be you. Have someone fall in love with you, not your credit card. Make your plan. Seek out and join in on whatever it is that's interesting, humanitarian, inspirational, that can be shared with another human being.

It will be fun, rewarding, challenging, and might just allow you to find someone who loves you for yourself, rather than your bank account. Wouldn't that be great! And just as important, you might also find an interest in something special that will last a lifetime, for the both of you.

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Author: Avoid gold diggers and find a soul mate. Begin with a look at where you will find Ruth Graham's specially selected list of appealing organizations (links included).

You Can't Buy Love - You Need a Plan

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