How To Date Hot Girls Even If You Are A Shy Guy

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The dating world can seem scary and intimidating if you're a shy guy. It can be so overwhelming and seemingly impossible to approach a hot woman. However with the right dating advice you can learn how to easily strike up a conversation with the girl you have you eye on, in fact, with any girl. Read on and you will no longer find yourself feeling uncomfortable and awkward in social situations. Instead she will see a confident and intriguing guy that she will want to chat to.

Probably the best piece of dating advice is this: pick your location wisely. Where's a good spot? A busy bar? A crowded nightclub? It's true, there will be lots of girls there but that doesn't mean it's your best option. In fact, far from it. If you're shy then approaching women in loud and busy spots will be even more challenging, notwithstanding the fact that there will be tons of other single guys looking for the same thing you are. Also, women get easily intimidated and dismissive in such situations, especially if they've already been approached by lots of guys......

You'll fare a lot better in a quieter, more relaxed spot where you can strike up a conversation without any pressure. How about your local library or grocery store? Not only will be she be more responsive but there will be plenty of perfect conversation topics at your disposal. So if you're in the library you could ask her what book she would recommend and then continue the conversation from there.

This leads to my next invaluable tip: learn how to be a good listener. Men generally have almost completely forgotten how to do this. So once you've approached her and asked her about the book, listen to her response and pick up on what she is saying. If she tells you she read a great book on a recent holiday, ask her about the holiday. Keep the conversation flowing by asking her questions. She will pick up on the fact that you are a good listener and it will really impress her.

Tip number three: there's power in numbers. Bring along a friend and look to them for encouragement. If you approach a woman when you're with someone else she will be much less intimidated and you'll seem less threatening to her. If she is with a friend then this will work even better! If not, your friend can always politely excuse himself and leave you with your chosen lady. This is a great tip to keep in mind. You'll be more relaxed and confident because you're with a friend, she will pick up on this and she herself will feel more comfortable. Everyone's a winner.

Women are approached by guys all the time and in reality they are sick of overconfident Don Juan types. Be yourself and she will appreciate you for who you are. With the right dating advice even shy guys can have great success with hot girls.

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How To Date Hot Girls Even If You Are A Shy Guy

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