When Can You Ask A Woman Back To Your Place?

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On the surface asking a woman back to your place doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Maybe you will just talk, maybe you will just kiss, and maybe things could progress much farther. But who is fooling who here? The real reason you want her to come back to your place is for things to get more intimate.

Here is a complete run down of things you will need to consider when you bring a woman back to your place.

What she thinks

-She wants to come back to your place, but she is worried how that will make her look if she does it too soon.

-She will be worried if you will respect her enough to not push her for sex.

-She will be worried that she may not be able to control herself if things get too heated.

-She will be worried that everything that you have done so far has been a plan to get her into bed with you.

-She will be worried that sex is all that you ever wanted from her...

What you will think

-Do I disrespect women for wanting her to come back to my place on the first date?

-Will this make me a player?

-Am I being selfish?

-Will she think all I want is sex?

-Are we moving too fast?

-Oh heck. I'm a man! I have needs!

-How do I get more intimate with her?

The reality of the situation

-If a woman comes back to your place its because she wants to.

-If you want to see her again then you can take things slow.

-If she lets you touch her its because she likes it.

-If she is kissing you then it is because she likes it.

-If she is having sex with you then it is because she likes it.

-If she says "stop" or "no" then you have to stop.

-The sooner the two of you have sex the more likely she is to have buyers remorse (regret it).

-The longer it takes for the two of you to have sex the more likely things will end up as a long-term relationship.

-If you take too long to have sex with her she is more likely to label you as a friend and go sleep with another guy instead.

-Sex is great and a beautiful thing when both people want it.


As a man it is your job to lead things and initiate things towards a sexual outcome. As long as the woman is attracted to you then you can assume that she does want to come back to your place. The woman's job is to delay that process.

Ultimately, you have to base your decision on what you want. Both parties will always go for what they want. The woman will delay the process based on what she wants. You will need to do the same by going after what you want.

If you are concerned with the womans feelings then simply use honesty. Just before things go to far tell her the way things are. "Before things go to far I want you to know that I'm not looking for anything too serious." This will show her that you respect her enough to let her go.

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When Can You Ask A Woman Back To Your Place?

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Johnnie Blaze - February 27, 2008 at 1:46 PM

I agree about buyers remorse point. Dr Z in her book "How to pick up, seduce and hook up with hot women" stresses the importance of taking things slow if you want her to fall in love with you. She talks about 2 alternative road: one to her panties, and one to her heart. Withholding intercouse is an effective technique to get her to want you...

r d stapelberg - February 27, 2008 at 6:53 PM

Johnnie’s right on the mark. I’ve read Dr Z on Scoring and although it is advertised mainly as a book on how to meet hot women it is also a book you can use to help you find your soul mate. Dr. Zdrok’s book will allow you to understand what women look for in a man, helping you to pick up babes, but it goes further than that, it also gives you advice on how to proceed after that, whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or just playing the field. Let’s face it, isn’t finding that hot, seemingly unobtainable woman of your dreams worth it? Dr Z on Scoring is definitely the best book ever published on this subject.

Martin F - February 28, 2008 at 5:18 PM

I have to disagree with the conclusion that it's a man's "job to lead things and initiate things towards a sexual outcome" and that a "woman's job is to delay that process." That may have been true 50 years ago, and it may apply to women brought up in a highly religious or sexually repressed environment, but it isn't true with most modern women, for whom feminism and equality are givens. Ask any woman today (or read Dr. Z's book which gives you the female viewpoint) and she will tell you that SHE is the one who will decide when you should initiate sexual intimacy.

All those "what he thinks...what she thinks" scenerios presuppose a sexually repressed culture where neither sex is open or honest about their sexual desires and feelings. This doesn't have to be the case. Indeed, most modern women can and do discuss these matters long before you get to the "your place or mine" question, so a wise man will explore and develop these attitudes and feelings in friendly conversation--even before that first kiss. When both parties understand how each other feels, worries about possible issues of "disrespect" or "buyer's remorse" disappear. Sex is a natural human desire, and we are all genetically programmed to want it. The key to making that first sexual experience beautiful and satisfying for both parties is open, honest and thoughtful communication beforehand. Indeed, good communication helps a man avoid making mistakes in this area: like if he finds out the woman equates sex with marriage, or thinks that her role is limited to lying there and letting him "do it," then maybe he doesn't want her to come back to his place after all.

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