What Women Want

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Look at pictures of 50 Cent with women...and who do you thinks reality is it? His reality or the girl he's with? She is happy just to be 'near him' and even if you take away the celebrity of men like this, if they still have a strong reality, they will still have hot women in their life.

I've said before that there is still hope for the average American man who really understands natural attraction (without having to be termed as a player or seducer); in fact you can live the lifestyle of your dreams while also giving women what they are looking for. Of course our women bring a lot of great value and excitement to life (why men fall for them in the first place), but I'm looking at the other side because men are feeling a lot of confusion when dealing with independent women.

Women are dying to finally meet a man who can just be someone who does not put up with her drama or puts and keeps her on a pedestal......

Unfortunately because it has become so much a part of who she is, it works out for the both of you to have a short-term relationship. Otherwise her natural independence and diva like behavior will automatically infiltrate your lifestyle and create a shaky and unstable ground because that is where her reality is based off of.

Of course women will say that they want the attention and to be put on a pedestal; this is only because this is her perception of reality and what our society has programmed her to be.

It is denying everything that is universally biological about her, and that is why she cannot explain it. Women have so many more options other than 'just' to be a mother nowadays. That is why things are different from what she says she wants in a man and what she will often accept when she does find a man (no matter his looks) who knows how to trigger even any little part of her biological unconscious behavior.

That is why she will often accept men who are ugly fat and balding only because they did not put up with her high-level crap and instead treat her like a lady where she is second and he is first (because that, I'm sorry but that is the way it's supposed to be (and I have proof) and that is what women want).

The 40 year old virgins that we have are a result or byproduct of everything that is going on (which I go in detail in my book as the 'forced reality'). This is a blatant slap in the face to the continuance and existence of all humankind. It is a very serious problem, even though we may laugh at it at the theater.

Okay the guys of us who of 'got some' may laugh at the theater but we may all actually know some guys who do not know how to be successful if women. This is NOT natural at all, I believe these men DO know how to perpetuate and go through the process of natural attraction in order to procreate; but all of this cultural junk and garbage has gotten in the way.

The pervasive 'forced reality' which is perceptual (yet so real) has covered what women want. Women still want a man to be a man (and this is just as real). Unfortunately the effects of feminism encourage men to be 'sensitive' towards women. This may stop most men from trying to be 'dominant' towards them.

You see all these ads with women biting men or men at their heels or service; this is part of the whole problem; but nothing has changed what women want underneath. In fact they want a man to be a man more than EVER. How do you give women what they want? Read my book 'Mens' Guide to Women'.

How can guys like 50 Cent live in a candy shop and most (American) guys are still so frustrated? Well if you look around, there's a candy shop of women everywhere who are fixing themselves up and waiting for a real man.

Of course they are competing with other women but for what final purpose? To attract a real man. You can't let their now inherent 'drama' throw you off; they're not going to tell you how to act. You have to BE the man who has boundaries.

This works for short terms relationships in what I call the AMP (accelerated mating process). Today's women are very sexually aware and repressed. They don't want to keep attracting jerks. They are wondering why their physical counterparts don't 'get it' and have had to settle for less in many cases even to relieve their sexual repression.

Women want men to be men who define their boundaries respectfully (and at the forefront) and then the woman can choose to be with him or not. Ironically, this is what she is massively attracted to because the paradigm is finally set naturally and because no other (healthy and balanced) men are doing this.

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What Women Want

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