A Little Experiment For You

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Here's a little experiment I would like you to do over the next two weeks. I would like you to groom yourself better, work out at the gym more often, and "dress better" than you usually do. Then I would like you to smile and make eye contact with women and see if they respond to you than they did before.

Here're a couple of guidelines for this exercise:

1) Workout four times a week.

2) Shave

3) Trim your nose hair.

4) Cut your nails.

5) Make sure your hair is neat and well-styled.

6) Shower often.

7) Wear a tiny bit of cologne.

8) Wear clean underwear. (This is actually a confidence booster!)

9) Wear clean shoes. They don't have to be new or expensive. Just make sure they are clean. Go buy yourself a cheap pair of dress shoes at Walmart if you have to.

10) Wear a dress shirt instead of a t-shirt whenever possible.

11) Put on your best jacket.

12) Wear your biggest smile.

Yes, I know this may all sound very shallow and superfacial. But the truth is, people DO judge you on their first impression of you, and that's why you should always "package" yourself to look the best you can when you go out and meet people.

Once you notice how women react to you differently when you're more concerned about your personal appearance, you may not want to go back!

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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ktom - May 3, 2007 at 8:13 AM

hehehe...i more thing u missed...make sure u brush yr teeth to aviod bad breath..hehehehe..

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