How To Use 'Doubt' To Keep The Attraction High

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Today's tip is going to be a little bit "evil". I'm going to tell you that sometimes it is good for your girlfriend to feel a little bit insecure about herself.

When a woman feels insecure about herself or doubts that you will stay with her, the "natural" response is usually to comfort or reassure her. But guess what? That is not always the right thing to do.

If a woman is one hundred percent certain that you won't ever leave her, guess what she's going to do?

That's right. She's going to lower her attraction for you. She may even cheat or leave you for another man.

Think about it. If a woman is never sure if you would leave her if she ever cheated on you, do you think she would be LESS likely to cheat on you?

Of course, this does not mean that you should be "abusive" and make a woman feel insecure on purpose. I do not teach any of that. (Nor do I believe in it.) However, what I DO suggest you to do is to "draw the boundaries". From the moment you get into a relationship with a woman, show her that you won't tolerate any "bullsh**" by acting like a man. Don't be afraid of calling out on her when she "screws up", and don't be afraid of giving her the silent treatment or pulling back from the relationship if she misbehaves.

- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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