Still More Confidence and Power With Women !

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Here is a magic word that will bring you loads of success with women, and get you laid like crazy. It works with all women, but the more beautiful the woman, the better it works. The word is:


That's right. No! The same word that will keep a puppy from wetting the carpet will also keep a woman from shitting on you!

You must say no to a woman once in a while, when it is over an issue of importance, and when you mean it.

No matter how gorgeous, or great in the sack or how otherwise wonderful she may be (and who else but such a goddess could possibly begin to deserve to be in YOUR company?) you must be willing to walk away from her if you can't deal with her from a position of self-respect.

And self-respect, my friend, is mostly a matter of what you say no to. It's a boundary set by what is not permitted, tolerated or allowed. And while it may be negative from this semantic sense, in reality it is the most power and positive force you have going for you. When a woman senses it in you, she knows she's found something she's instinctively wanted since she realized she's female:


I know this isn't easy. It hurts, really hurts to have to walk away from someone you really dig because she isn't treating you right. But love can often be like a street fight, and remember the street fighter's number one rule: Ignore the pain and carry out your offensive with everything you've got. If you can pull this off, you will walk with a confidence and power that women of all ages will be able to sense. And more importantly, you'll like the guy who lives inside your skin.

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