You Can Learn to Be a Player! - The Art of Attraction

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Ohhh boys are you going to love this one. I came across a very cool article in the Sunday telegraph called "Art of picking up women" that was talking about Attraction Coaches. Now what was this article about?

Lets see ...

The aim? An experiment - to see if these so called attraction coaches could talk the talk and walk the walk.

The results? Seconds later they were surrounded by attractive women who were hanging off their every word.

Who wants a piece of that? Well guess what? They even got your average joe guy taught him some tricks of the trade and within a couple of hours they had turned the average guy into a complete chick magnet as well.

Average Joe last words " I think they have created a monster" lol - love it!

Ironic? maybe ... strange?? who knows ... possible? Absolutely!

This post explains what happens in real life. Look guys I hear you! I know you've been trying. You just haven't been trying the right things! LoL But I don't want to bruise the ego, because I know .. that no one likes that. I guess you cant blame anyone because the only person that taught you how to act around women .. was your mother. And she probably wasn't the best on to listen to ... in the attraction department......

When I talk about attraction. I don't mean being a complete sleaze, A**hole, or player. Its just some simple skills that you can put in replacement of all the other skills that you have been told work .. but really don't.

Here are some key tips for the guys which work real wonders with chicks.

Be unapologetic for your desire as a man - Girls like their men to be masculine, to have presence and to know who and what they are.

Be well groomed and pay attention to the details - Girls actually do like guys that take care of themselves. They pay attention to these things. And hey if you are a guy and you are wearing stuff that makes you feel much more confident isn't it a win win situation?

Your personality is the most powerful asset in creating attraction - Too man guys focus too much time and energy on what car they drive and what job they have. They think the better those things are then the more a chick will like them. The truth is I would rather date a more average type of guy with an amazing personality, then some slick guy who's personality is similar to that of a brick wall .... but hey maybe that's just me.

Give her sincere compliments on something other than her looks - like I said before in one of my posts. You want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. You do this by giving a smart girls compliments on her looks. And a good looking girl a compliment on her brains. Lol. The main thing to remember is to compliment her on something that she normally wouldn't be acknowledged for.

Focus on conversation on emotional topics, staying away from discussing facts - This is really important. Because a lot of nice guys get stuck into serious conversations too fast, too soon. This kind of can kill the cocky funny mood. So you really want to touch on subjects that you can have a lot of fun with and use against her ...

Use humor and misinterpret everything she says as her hitting on you - Seriously this one works like a charm all the time. The reason why it works so well is because you are turning the tables on her. Girls are usually used to getting hit on. They are the object of affection. And so when you play with her as if she is hitting on you .. she kind feels like she wants to play along more .. because no-one else messes with her head like that and she wants to see if she can turn the tables back around. You are presenting her with a challenge and that will make her stick around.

Learn to be physically playful - Using it in a stylish manner will help break down barriers. Omg I can not stress this one enough. You have to move through that touch barrier ASAP. Touch the small of her back or her shoulder. Girls actually really like this and it helps you move past the .. lets just be friends barrier. This SHOWS interest. Showing interest through body language is a much more powerful means of communicating attraction over talking.

Know when to take charge and constantly lead her - Girls really like to be able to sit back and not have to think. They really like it when the guy knows what to do and what to say and how to act. Its shows that he is competent and capable and this is a very attractive quality. This also goes along with the fact that you can't agree to all the suggestions she has. That you have to make more of your own and then follow through on that.

Its NOT OK to be sexually needy, buts its OK to be sexual - This is one of the most effective means to create attraction. Word play makes the conversation fun, challenging and very interesting for both sexes.

Be proactive and live your life - This is important so that you are able to be a whole and complete person before you engage with girls. They want you to be your own person. Because the more complete you are as a person the more this radiates competence, confidence and esteem. And chicks .. well we just find that really HOT.

When learning how to attract chicks there really is a lot of focus on personal development. On uncovering beliefs within yourself that have been holding you back. Especially with things to do with rejection. Once you are able to overcome these barriers and be like rock on the inside your esteems will no longer be affected by your outcomes with girls. Not only will you have more success with girls, but more success with your life in general.

Girls if you have ever wondered why you have been attracted to some guy and haven't seemed to figure it out. Well I just gave you a list of reasons there. Its now up to you to recognize when a guy is using this against you and see if he is worth your time.

For the guys .. well most chicks aren't that smart and they wont know what hit them. Use some of these skills to gain their attention .. and that way you will at least have the chance to talk to them .. rather than getting the usual bitchy look, crossed arms and rolling of eyes.

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You Can Learn to Be a Player! - The Art of Attraction

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Dating Headshots - July 1, 2008 at 12:18 PM

lol..... be confident and remain true to you and others.

Women n' Dating - Learn the Game - November 14, 2009 at 3:19 AM has been seen...when you focus on YOURSELF, do the girls notice you...without focusing on getting girls day in and day out, just work on yourself, you will do great! Learn from the experts at Online Dating Product Review

u can NEVER learn to be a player. you just change into one over the time...keep on playing and you might come across that "ah ha" moment!

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