Financial Advice for Sugar Babies

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"Why does a kept woman (a.k.a. a sugar baby or sugar babe) need to know about finance?" you may wonder. The answer is simple. Just because you have a wonderful sugar daddy taking care of you now doesn't mean that he'll always be around. Your special circumstances as a sugar baby require special attention.

You need to know what to do with the gifts you receive (aside from spending them). Every woman - married or single, financially struggling or wealthy - needs to have a plan for her future that is independent of any partner, current or future. Should the need arise, you should be able to take care of yourself and your estate......

Setting goals is a very important part of Sugar Baby Finance. When you set goals, you have something to reach for. You'll be better able to discuss your financial wants and needs with your sugar daddy. That doesn't mean you should go running to him with you financial problems, but with a plan in mind, you are better equipped when it comes to talking about your financial arrangement with your sugar daddy.

One of your first goals as a kept woman is to rid yourself of any financial burden. If you have credit card bills or student loans, pay them off as quickly as possible. When you aren't endlessly worrying about paying bills and having collectors call, you will be able to give your man more of what he needs. As a result, he may become more generous.

You should consider saving a portion of every cash gift you receive from your sugar daddy. Consider starting with 50%. Of course if you have bills that are desperately overdue or need the money to pay your rent, do that first. But after you've taken care of your necessary expenses, save half of what's left. The more you save, the sooner you can reach your financial goals.

Perhaps you would like to purchase your own home or a luxury car (assuming you can't sweet talk your sugar daddy into it). Wouldn't it be fabulous to open your bank statement one day and discover you have a nice chunk of cash at your disposal? If you make a deposit to your savings or investment account every time you get any amount of money from your sugar daddy, you will be well on your way to reaching those goals.

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Author: Sylvie Day is a successful sugar babe living in the Midwest. Her hobbies include seducing successful men and perfecting her monthly budget. Did you enjoy this article? Visit our website at for more information about finding (and keeping) your very own sugar daddy.

Financial Advice for Sugar Babies

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