How Do I Attract My Girlfriend Back - The Answer

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So, you want to know the answer to the question, "How do I attract my girlfriend back?", well, in this article, I am going to give you some information and tips that I hope will be helpful and useful to you in getting your girl back.

The first thing I would like to point out is that you don't want to think of it as "winning" your girlfriend back, that's a phrase that comes up often with guys in this situation, they want to know how to "win" her back, you need to be thinking about why SHE should want to win YOU.

That little change in mindset can make a huge difference, you need to think of yourself as the prize and get her to chase you, instead of the way that most other guys do it, they chase the girl and think of her as the prize.

This may seem silly to you at the moment, you may be thinking that girls won't like that, they want to be treated really good and they want you to pay attention to them, well, although this is correct in some sense, it is also correct that many girls are looking for a challenge and you chasing them is just too easy....

Another tip that may seem strange or insignificant to you is that, in many cases, it is not a good idea to tell the girl about all your feelings.

What do I mean?

Well, I'm sure you've probably heard or been told before that the best way to win a girl over is to tell her you're madly in love with her and you can't live without her and all that sort of stuff you see in the movies, well, when you do this, you pass all the power in the relationship to her, she sort of becomes your master.

For example, if you tell her that "you need her in your life", you're basically saying that you can't function without her or that you feel terrible without her in your life, now she can manipulate and control you in a sense.

If you tell her that "you'll do anything to get her back", again, you're basically saying that she can tell you to do anything and you will OBEY her, the word obey, makes you seem a bit like an animal, doesn't it?

There are many highly effective methods and techniques for making an ex girlfriend actually want YOU to take HER back, when you can do these things, you will be much, much more likely to get what you want in this situation.

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How Do I Attract My Girlfriend Back - The Answer

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