Guess It Right All The Time (5 Visual Clues To Guessing 'Her' Age)

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It is common for youngsters to challenge each other on various issues. It is all the more intense when it comes to matters related to women, especially young girls. One of the most common competitions by youngsters these days is guessing the age of the girl. Some consider that it is an easy job to guess the age of a girl or woman. However, there are some vital clues which help guys in determining the age of the woman. Though a variety of books are available that provide assistance in guessing the age of the lady, it is recommended that an individual goes by the situational evidence to arrive at the age of the girl.

Though it is often said that the skin of the individual helps in arriving at the age of the girl, at times, it could be deceiving. Therefore, don't be carried away by the looks. There are a number of cosmetics products that are used to reduce the process of ageing. So make sure that you don't have the option to exercise while guessing the age of a girl. There are other indicators that help determine the age of the individual.

For instance, it depends on the nature of dressing. Though there is no particular dress code for women with respect to their age, it is generally assumed that younger women are a bit fashionable. Though elderly ladies are also fashionable, the quotient is higher among the younger women. Gone are the days when adhered to particular strict methodologies when it came to maintaining beauty and dressing.

The third visual clue could be the body language of the individual. Younger women tend to be carefree and very bubbly in their movements and approach disregard of the surroundings. Similarly, some younger women could be vociferous and more forthcoming unlike others. On the contrary, middle aged and slightly older women tend to be composed and relaxed. Their display and behavior in the public is also unlike that of younger women. In the first look itself, a person can determine whether the lady is middle aged or young. Next to determine is the kind of jewelry that women wear.

The jewelry category helps determine the age group of the woman. Normally, youngsters love trendy jewelry while older women have the tendency to wear sober looking jewelry. However, off late, the trend is changing. There is no particular jewelry that is determined for a particular age group.

Another visual clue that helps determines the age of a woman is the clothing that she wears. Normally, youngsters tend to wear trendy and jazzy clothes. The clothing will be in sync with the timing and they are more colorful when compared to the clothes worn by elderly woman. Youngsters tend to go with plenty of colors while older women seek toned down colors. The clothes worn b the youngsters are more futuristic and trendy whereas the clothes worn by the elderly women are classy. Use all these clues while determining the age of the lady.

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Guess It Right All The Time (5 Visual Clues To Guessing 'Her' Age)

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