Country Western Themed Weddings

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Western-themed weddings are getting more and more popular. With invitations in the shape of cowboy boots, cowboy wedding favors, and fun costumers for all, a western wedding offers you the chance to enjoy your special day without having to take it too seriously. Brides might appear in Old West style gowns, with the groom dressed as a cowboy or sheriff.

Many people like to decorate their western style wedding appropriately. This might mean decorating a pickup truck with Just Married signs, instead of a new car, using gingham or calico tablecloths, and serving appetizers on tables made from bales of hay. Raffia wraps can give a rustic air to anything that might need a ribbon ordinarily. Have the bride and bridesmaids carry wildflowers instead of roses. Some people even have the happy couple arrive at the ceremony on horseback!

Catering your western wedding with a family style meal will add to the atmosphere. Encourage the attendees to dress in costume to complete the feeling of getting married in the Old West. You can even really get into the spirit by having a square dance caller and appropriate dancing at the reception. Consider holding the ceremony some place unusual as well. An old adobe church or other interestingly western building can be the finishing detail in your wedding. If that's not possible, be sure to choose the right place to hold the reception!

Consider themed favors too. Popular options include little potted cacti, candles, charms, and soaps shaped like cowboy hats or boots, and shaped containers, like tin pails, fulled with candy or food. Hot sauce with custom labels, miniature horseshoes, and bandannas also all make great favors. Some couples give out engraved belt buckles. There are limitless options for favors when it comes to a western style wedding.

There's no end to the interesting and creative options you can explore with a western style wedding. Enjoy the opportunity to cut loose and express yourself with a unique themed wedding that reflects your personal style and allows everyone to have a lot of fun. It's no wonder that western themed weddings are becoming so popular.

Author: Joe Bella loves themed weddings. Check out his latest western style tips: Western Wedding.

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