How To Make The First Move In Seduction

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In order to learn how to seduce a woman you need to understand that the most important thing is to pinpoint the moment when a woman wants to have sex as much as you do. A woman wants to be pursued and desired by a man. You must have enough courage to make the first move. Once you make the first move you are on the path of knowing how to seduce a woman.

When you decide to make the first move it is important to understand that it is only natural to be nervous. The best time to make a first move is during a transitional stage in a relationship. This is when a relationship goes from being non physical to physical. You want to locate opportunities where you can move ahead and interact with a woman.

The transition should be well planned in order to seduce the woman. When figuring out how to seduce a woman you must always plan ahead. You should jot down certain moments such as where you can progress from getting a woman's number, to touching her, to kissing her and to seducing her. The transition should seem non-offensive and non-intentional. You do not want to come on as being too aggressive or too needy.

When you are learning how to seduce a woman you should understand a woman from deep within. This means that you must understand what she wants in order for you to progress. She may want a man who is confident or a man who is a gentleman or a man who is interested in a specific cause. Find out what she responds to, in order to be successful.

When you are making the first mover remember to be methodical, articulate and calculative. Plan ahead and know how to seduce a woman. You should set the scene so to speak. Seducing a woman is an art form that has a certain rhythm. The progression from friends to intimacy should be well thought out and smooth.

Make a woman desire you. Seduction is a two way street. When you make the first move make sure that the woman is responding to your filtrations. Evaluate her smile and gestures. These will allow you to know when the perfect moment has arrived to practice the art of seduction. As many seduction experts agree even a player or Casanova must be smooth and articulate when seducing a woman. This is how to seduce a woman.

Author: Penny Susman

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