Does Being a Nice Guy Get You More Dates?

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The answer to this question should be a resounding 'Yes' but unfortunately when you are working with human emotions, there's no sure thing and this is the case when it comes to the way women think about nice guys! Nice guys are attractive to many women, but whether they get more dates than those guys who aren't so nice is relative to the amount of women they are interested in and want to date. Although there are women who find nice guys sexy, there are also those women who think that a nice guy must by definition be boring!

Nice guys aren't necessarily boring however. Being polite and caring about others isn't boring - it may be a little outdated in a society where the survival of the fittest and those who dare win are the cultural norms, but that doesn't make it boring. What a nice guy does mean is that the women they date should find that they are never stood up, they are never cheated on and that they are secure in their relationships. These three things are often missing from relationships with guys who walk on the dangerous side of life.

Women who are looking for adventure won't be interested in 'nice guys'. They want guys who are prepared to make them feel that they are a little wild rather than like a princess! The nice guy however wins in the long run because when it comes to settling down most women would choose a nice guy over a wild one for their life partner - realizing that this is the guy who will bring them both emotional and financial security.

Just as nice girls have a tendency to attract wild guys who will break their hearts, there are many nice guys who can attest to the fact that wild girls are also out there looking to mess with the emotions of a nice guy. There are also a number of ex nice guys out there who changed their persona having been messed around by girls who abused their nice guy image. There's a lot of truth in the old cliché about opposites attracting - and it's certainly true in the case of nice guys and wild girls (as well as vice versa), at least in short term relationships.

Nice guys may not always get more dates than their wilder counterparts, but they are more likely to end up in more permanent relationships which is with a either a nice girl or a wild girl they have tamed! If you're a nice guy, and you feel that it's not working for you, hang in there - hang in there, the odds are you'll still come out a winner!

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