6 Ways To A Smoother Relationship

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Here are 5 tips to make your relationship smoother.

1) Watch Body Language

Learn to know your girlfriend's mood and state by watching her body language. For example, can you tell she's uncomfortable at a party by the way she sits or stands? Can you tell if she's nervous or not?

2) Listen

A big problem some couples have is that they stop listening to each other once the initial excitement of a relationship is gone. If you can't spare some time each day to listen to someone you love, even if it's just 30 minutes, maybe you don't need a girlfriend after all.

3) Be Patient

A complaint I receive from my readers all the time is that their girlfriends talk a long time to "get to the point." For example, your girlfriend may tell you about her entire day at work before making a point...and even then, her point may be something silly and not worth mentioning at all...


Just listen!

4) Care About The Details

A good way to show affection is by showing concern for the finer "details" of life. Don't just ask her how her day was. Ask her about the specific things that are going in her life.

5) Don't Jump In With Solutions

When your girlfriend is upset or sad, don't jump in with solutions. Chances are, she's just blowing up steam. Generally, men want solutions when they vent; women want a shoulder to cry on and a hug.

6) Keep Flirting

And of course...don't forget to keep flirting with your girlfriend and acting like a challenge to keep the attraction high. Because once the attraction is dead, the relationship is going to go downhill.

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