** The Two Biggest Don Juans I Know **

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There are only two people I know that are what you would call "Natural DJs" -- both of whom are good friends. One of them is Andy, the other Liam and both of them are in there early 20s. I know one of them through uni, the other is a neighbor.

I would like to share with you some of my observations of these guys because I believe that some of their qualities are exceptional,especially when it comes to handling women and life.

Many of the qualities that I have described have been well documented in the past on this website, but I thought it would begood to present to you their most obvious character traits.

- They both have an aura about them when they speak to you. Attimes you think that you are the only person in the world whenhaving a conversation because they speak with so much enthusiasm andinterest.

- They listen to what you say enthusiastically and remember certain details.

- They never have a bad word to say about anybody and have a great understanding of others.

- On the other hand, you're not exactly sure where you sit with themat times. Though very friendly and energetic, you sometimes have toface their cold shoulder which may cause you to try and regain their attention.

- They're very popular people. These guys know a lot of people from many groups. When out they can have a conversation with anyone andare always introducing themselves to others. They do, however, haveclose friends who they stick with most of the time, but loveinviting others to join in their conversations.

- They're unpredictable when they speak to you. You know how some people when they talk to you, you know exactly what they're gonnasay? With these guys, they could come up and talk to you about politics or tell you a funny story about fishing. Each conversationis entertaining.

- They always have a story up their sleeves. They always have a goodstory to say about a certain subject and even though it may not havea punch line or be that funny, they present it with such enthusiasm that it is entertaining nonetheless.

- They are not afraid to be different in the clothes that they wearor their style of hair. Again they are unpredictable in this department and love doing something different to attract attention.They usually have just a subtle difference in style that makes themstand out.

- They walk in a very positive manner with their heads held high andwith a purpose.

- They are not caught up in the boundaries of society. In fact,they act as if they are unaware of society's rules and stereotypes.They talk to anyone and react to situations how they see it. Forexample, when they see a beautiful girl they don't think "oh thisisn't the right environment", but rather they don't think. It nevercrosses their mind. They just go talk to her.

- They aren't afraid of women. They treat all women the same,whether it be a 4 or a 10 and know that that they can have every oneof them. They talk to women about all sorts of topics as well andare never concerned about what the women will think.

- They are not necessarily good looking. One of these guys is quiteugly, in fact, but his positive vibe and good fashion sense make himquite accessible to any women.

- They love life and they love women and they love talking about women. They don't have anything against women at all, and have many female friends.

- When they talk, they talk loud. They don't care if they offend anyone when they speak and people notice this and are drawn to them.

- Finally, they are always happy and have a passion for life. Even when bad stuff happens they have a way of keeping things positive and always give off a good vibe.


- baLooT Inc 2007 -

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